The Chinese billiards practice match has something to watch. Xie Huijie made an appointment to fight Han Yu and lost by a small score

On May 23, 2012, the first “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament was held in Zhengzhou Gaogu Billiards Club. After the first day of the game is over, the organizing committee will open all the tables to the players for practice. World No. 10 ball champion Xie Huijie took the initiative to play against the 9 ball national team player Han Yu. In this world championship gender battle, Han Yu won The final victory.

As a sport that intends to become an international competition, the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament welcomes more foreign players to participate. The competition was held for the first time, and it ushered in a world champion player-Xie Huijie. Xie Huijie is from the Netherlands and is currently ranked fifth in the world, and is now the world’s No. 10 ball champion. After the end of the CBSA American 9-Ball International Open, Xie Huijie was invited by the star to come to the Chinese billiards arena.

How can the world champion of fancy pool play Chinese billiards? I believe this will be a problem for many fans. In the first round of the match against Wang Yu, Xie Huijie easily won 5-0, proving that the world’s No. 10 champion is not in vain. Even when he comes to the Chinese billiards arena, he still has good competitiveness.

Speaking of the afternoon game, Xie Huijie is still very excited, “I played a Chinese billiards game for the first time. There are many people watching my game here. It feels great. This will not happen in the Netherlands. I think I have Ability to fight for the championship, and I also hope to bring wonderful games to Chinese fans.”

Xie Huijie’s attitude towards the game is really serious. After the game, Xie Huijie stayed in the arena waiting for the opportunity to practice. After all the games on the first day are over, the organizing committee will open all tables for players to practice. After seeing the Osaka Open champion who was practicing, Han Yu, a member of the women’s 9-ball national team, Xie Huijie took the initiative to make an appointment, and a world championship sex battle began.

The excitement of the two players’ practice matches was not inferior to that of the current. Han Yu was at a disadvantage after the practice began, but compared to Xie Huijie, Han Yu’s skills in Chinese billiards were obviously more profound, so in the second half of the game, Han Yu’s hand feeling gradually recovered and The slight advantage achieved the final victory. Through practice, it can be found that Xie Huijie’s control of the cue ball is still excellent, and he can play a beautiful line of clearing the ball and turning the bag. The vast majority of Xie Huijie’s errors are the failure to score the next ball after the ball is in place, obviously on time. In terms of degree, the world No. 10 ball champion still needs to make improvements.

Han Yu also commented on Xie Huijie. In Han Yu’s view, Xie Huijie has brought some of his own advantages in pool to Chinese billiards, but as far as the current situation is concerned, Xie Huijie’s level is still in the middle class among all players.

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