National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Hebei Qualifying Tournament, the top 16 is out

On August 18, 2012, the second leg of the 2012 CBSA “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Shenyang Station, Hebei Qualifying Tournament, was fiercely contested in the Qinhuangdao Xinzhiboxing Billiards Club. After the baptism of the group double defeat, the final Qiu Paomou , Wen Tiejun, Yang Fan and others made their way into the top 16 list. The star Liu Song failed to qualify in the losing finals.

According to the rules of the game, the competition is divided into two stages. The registered players are divided into 8 groups according to the group of 8 people. The first is the group double-loss elimination round. The 9-game 5-win system is adopted, and each group will get a place in the winning and losing teams to form 16 Since then, the 16 players will be drawn from a new draw for 13 rounds of 7-win single elimination rounds until the final winner is decided.

In today’s group double-loss knockout stage, Group A Qi Wenyuan and Zhang Jianhai qualified, veteran Shi Changshan lost to Zhang Jianhai and Guo Jinliang successively to stop the group stage, Group B Zhao Qiang and Ma Xuehui joined hands to qualify, Group C Dong Yi and Yan Yan from the winning team respectively After breaking through with the losing team, Xu Ran did not seize the last chance after losing in the winning team final. In the losing team final, he lost to Zhou Yan and missed the top 16. Zhou Zhihui and Yang Ming qualified in Group D, and Wen Tiejun easily qualified for three consecutive victories in Group E. After losing the first game, Yang Fan entered the losing team early and finally won the top 16 places with tenacious will from the losing team step by step. In Group F, Wang Qi and Ji Yushi won the qualifying places. Deldan lost to Ji Yu twice. Shi was helplessly out. In Group G, Li Yaoqi and Xu Ran in Group C had the same fate. After losing to Zhang Daowei and Li Bo in the winning and losing finals, Li Yaoqi lost both and sent his two players into 16 Strong.

Among the 8 groups, because Qiu Paomou and Liu Song are in the same group, their H group is the most concerned. If the two beat their opponents separately, they will meet in the winning finals, and the progress of the game is just as people expect, the two stars will meet in the winning finals. In the first game, Liu Song took the lead in scoring and got a good start, but soon Qiu Paomou tied the score in the second game, and the subsequent games seemed to be Qiu Paomou’s performance time. He did not give his opponent too much play. Opportunity, finally 5-1 victory over Liu Song easily qualify.

Although the two specialize in different items, before the professional snooker competition, Liu Song’s level of playing Chinese billiards is also very high. Although he has not practiced for many years, this result still surprised many people. “Actually, I was surprised by the result of this score. I thought the result might be 3-5.” Liu Song said after the game. “Qiu Paomou played very well in this game, and my performance was not Not so. After all, I haven’t played Chinese billiards for many years. I am a little rusty from ideas to techniques, my brain is a bit messy, and the circuit design is unreasonable.” Liu Song, who entered the defeated department, seemed to have no intention of fighting, and lost the match with Ma Xin. Liu Song ended the qualifying tour after losing the finals.

At this point, the top 16 list of the Hebei Qualifying Tournament has been released. After a new lottery and ranking, they will usher in a more intense single-elimination knockout stage tomorrow. In the end, we will wait and see who can get the 6 qualifying places.

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