Wafi withdrew from the snooker event, the media said he was robbed at the airport_snooker_snooker

Xingpai pool table. On August 4, China time, the National Snooker Championship declared war in Daqing City today, but the Saudi player Wafi has already retired from the table tennis tournament. According to a snooker report from the media platform Break146, this was caused by his robbery at Beijing Airport.

According to WeChat public platform Break146, Wafi shot every video on Instagram yesterday, showing that he was at the gate of the Beijing Airport Public Security Bureau. In the video, he talked about his misfortune (in Persian), and later he said in English on insstory: “It’s very tragic. When I went abroad, I was still checking my billiard cue, and suddenly someone came back to take my Snatch the bag, my passport and visa are still inside.”

This is not the first time he has suffered such a vicious incident in our country. He was stolen from his suitcase by a rental driver during the my country Championships last year, and the phone and all the items were gone.

The latest news on the official website of snooker billiards shows that Wafi has already withdrawn from tomorrow’s first-round match with Tommy Ford. He was unable to play in the mid-release championship last week due to passport visa problems.

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