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Xingpai pool table. Last season, not only David Gilbert “let the cooked duck fly away”, “Assassin” Michael Holt also missed the single-time limited-time championship. The new season is approaching, what he looks forward to most is Make up for this shortcoming and usher in the first ranking championship of his career.

A few days ago, Holt accepted an official interview with World Snooker, and talked about the next season, the life of becoming a father, and the degree he studied at the Open University…

Michael, you have successfully passed the qualifying stages of the Riga Masters and International Championships, and the new season has started off well. The Riga race is about to start. You have reached the final here. What are you looking forward to this time?

“I rarely have too many good memories in the competition. It is a beautiful city with good food and good weather, but I actually look forward to the whole season. I feel that I am in good shape both on and off the stadium. , I’m ready to play some beautiful matches. I performed very well in the qualifying rounds. I started to warm up a few hours in advance and beat both matches in one go.”

Your best performance last season was in a single limited time match, but you lost to Tachaia Unu in the final. This was a very special event. Did you enjoy playing at the time?

“I have played well in single limited time matches many times. I think this is not a coincidence. The limited time for strokes makes you have no time to think and can only rely on instinct to play. If I can always rely on instinct to play, maybe I can easily play well. . I know what I should do and I can do well in this sport.”

“I have my own method psychologically. I don’t play slow and I have a clear view of the shot selection. If I can always believe in my subconsciousness, I may have a greater chance of getting good results.”

“At that time, I was able to take my wife Amy, son Jude and other family members with me. It felt really good. My dad watched my game on TV at home. I enjoyed that moment, but when you are really in that On occasions, there will still be a little inexplicable panic, because you don’t have time to think and you can only make a desperate move.”

“Everyone has very different opinions on single limited time matches, but we must know that before Barry Hearn (President of World Snooker) arrived, we wished we could not spare half of our arms to play other games while playing games. Everyone is basically the same. Part-time player’s day

子 was not long ago. I now hope that I am a 21-year-old young man, because there are so many things that I can do, and I can travel the world to participate in my favorite sports. This opportunity is simply great. ”

“I still think that I have a few years to play, and I don’t feel like I’m really like 40 years old. Age shouldn’t be a restriction for snooker.”

Is the main goal of the new season still winning the first title of the career rankings?

“Winning has always been my goal. After a day, people will only remember the games you won. If I can make five finals or other achievements this season, it will be great. If I can win the next game. It’s a wonderful thing to enjoy the glory moments. It’s something that people will always look forward to for a big group photo of myself and my family with a trophy.”

“To achieve those, I have to allow myself to accept more tests and overcome more difficulties. I have to continue my good condition. This is what the top players have been doing. Their level is not much higher than that of ordinary people, but they can To avoid playing too badly, all I have to do is to play at a decent level and hold it for a longer time.”

Now that your son Jude is over a year old, does being a father give you more views on your career?

“This is a beautiful thing that distracts you. In the past few years, life has changed a lot. I got married and became a father. My wife is very good. My life is basically all she is taking care of, and she is here at home. Lord, I can put my mind on snooker. I hope I can do my job better now, after all, there are three people to raise.”

You worked with coach Chris Henry last year. Will this season continue?

“Actually not anymore, but I have been very happy with Chris for a year. I did learn a lot from Chris, and I can hardly find a way to praise him. He is very good, and he is also a very good coach. We did a lot of things together, I added a lot of details to the game, but I am not too young now, and I know the sport well enough, but I just wandered into the bottleneck a few times, at least I know what went wrong and how to solve it. ”

How was your homework at the Open University?

“I still have two units to attend, but I can’t finish it this year, because there are a lot of housework and house issues to deal with, but I will definitely finish it. The wife who is a lawyer always says I am stupid, and I have to be in front of her. Something to brag about!”

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