Xingpai “K8 Cup” First Billiard Competition

In order to promote the vigorous development of billiards in Ningjin County and enhance the competitive level of billiards fans, the K8 billiards club specially organizes this competition. We hope that the majority of billiards fans will enthusiastically sign up for the competition. The ball room is over 800 square meters and contains 15 billiards. Xing brand steel library ball table. The perfect combination of gentleman and sports, billiards is your favorite, K8 billiards club looks forward to your participation!

One, bonus

Championship: 5000 yuan cash + certificate + trophy

Runner-up: 2000 yuan cash + certificate + trophy

Second runner-up: 1,000 yuan in cash + certificate

Third place: 500 yuan cash + certificate

Five to eight: 200 yuan in cash

Nine to sixteen: 100 yuan in cash

2. Organizer

Ningjin County K8 Billiards Club

3. Registration time

From now until March 22, 2014 10:00

4. Registration fee: 100 yuan/person

5. Registration method

1. In-store registration

2, the first round loser can submit the second application, the registration fee is 50 yuan, and the direct second application is 150 yuan.

3, telephone registration: 13103391192 or 13323095196 (Manager Zhao)

Six, draw time

March 22, 2014 10:20

Seven, game time

March 22, 2014 10:30 punctual start, the game lasts for two days (if there is a conflict with other major competitions, we will notify you separately)

8. Competition location

K8 Billiards Club on the north side of the intersection of Fenghuang Road and Xifeng Street, Ningjin County, Xingtai District, Hebei Province

Nine, competition rules

1) Competition items

Chinese eight ball

2) Competition method

1. The game adopts the standard rules of China Billiards Association

2. Male players meet female players and children to make the last one, and after entering the quarterfinals, a tie

3. Participation conditions

All billiard fans, men, women and children can sign up

10. Event contact

Location: K8 Billiards Club on the north side of the intersection of Fenghuang Road and Xifeng Street, Ningjin County, Xingtai City

Note: The final interpretation of this activity belongs to K8 Billiards Club. If there are any outstanding matters, we will not inform you separately

11. Award Ceremony

The prizes of this competition are sponsored by K8 billiards club and star manufacturers. Signature: Xingpai billiards

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