This Masters Tournament is poisonous! Golden left hand out? Only two top eight seeds passed

Xingpai pool table. The 2020 Snooker Masters continues. In the last two contests of the first round, the world’s second-ranked Williams lost to Bingham 2-6 and became the sixth out of the top eight seeds. Karen Wilson Eliminated Lisowski 6-2.

The current Masters has been upset so far. Ding Junhui, Selby, Robertson, Trump and Mark Allen have been out in the first round. Mark Williams has not been spared. In the first round against Bingham, Williams was unfavorable, and his opponent shot 50 points in the first game and lost one game. In the second and third innings, Williams made a 2-1 lead in a row, but the subsequent games were completely suppressed by Bingham.

After Bingham caught up to 2 draws in the fourth game, he scored 76 points, 86 points and 54 points in a row in the second half, winning five games in a row and eliminated Williams 6-2. At this point, as many as six of the top eight seeds of this year’s Masters have been eliminated, and all of them are the champions of the previous games, so many upsets are also extremely rare in the history of the Masters. Among the players who stayed in the Masters, the highest ranked 44-year-old Higgins will undoubtedly have the best chance to win. It is important to know that Higgins won in the Masters last time. The distant 2006.

Another top eight seed, Karen Wilson, faced Lisowski in the first round. Lisowski started the game with a fiery touch, scoring 56 and 72 points in a row to get a 2-0 lead. From the third game, Karen Wilson has fully grasped the initiative on the field, and has scored 66, 68, 67 and 70 points in a single stroke. He won six consecutive games and won 6-2. He became the first round of the Masters with Higgins. After that, there are only two top eight seeds.

Tonight and tomorrow morning, the Masters will enter the quarter-finals. Higgins will face Carter and Murphy will face Perry.

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