Chinese match Ding Junhui 6-2 opener, five shot 60+ releases positive signal

News from the official website of the China Billiards Association On the evening of April 2, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker China Open continued to compete on the first day. In the focus of the evening, Chinese player Ding Junhui played steadily, scoring four shots of 60+ and one shot of 90+, with a total score of 6-2 over George Ou and advanced to the race.


The China Open can be called Ding Junhui’s match. In 2005, when he was only 18 years old, he soared here and won his first career championship. After that, he added another title here. Looking back at Ding Junhui’s career, whenever he is at a low ebb, the China Open always gives him extra motivation to help him get out of the trough and return to normal track.

Ding Junhui’s postponed qualifying match was staged on that day, against George Ou, ranked 54th in the world. Ding Junhui took the lead in entering the state, scoring 66 points on a single stroke to go ahead 74-11. George Ou improved in the second game, scoring 50 points in a single stroke 112-6 to tie the score 1-1.

In the third game, Ding Junhui scored 33 points and made a mistake in a thin bag. George Ou made two 58-33 overtakes. In the face of the remaining chaos, Ding Junhui made several surprises, scoring and clearing the table piecemeal to win the game 71-58, leading George Ou 2-1 again. In the fourth game, Ding Junhui continued to control the rhythm of the field, and rewritten the field score to 3-1 with 67 points on a single stroke.

After a break, the game continued. In the fifth inning, two errors increased. Ding Junhui scored 34 points and missed the red ball. George Europe scored 36-34 points and tried to hit a large-angle black ball around the table, but the black ball was not scored. Ding Junhui accidentally dropped the cue ball. After twists and turns, George Ou seized the key opportunity 78-35 to end the war of attrition, with a score of 2-3.

In the sixth game, Ding Junhui once again lost the ball with only 30+. But this time Giorgio failed to take advantage. Ding Junhui quickly found the ball point again and won the game with 66 points on a single stroke, 4-2.

Ding Junhui became more and more courageous and quickly succeeded in the seventh game, establishing a 67-point lead with one stroke. After that, Ding Junhui finished 73-0. Unwilling to catch this, George Wu recovered 32 points and used the last red ball to do snooker. Ding Junhui was stunned by Ding Junhui. Ding Junhui scored 31 points and won the match point 5-2.

In the eighth game, George Wu scored a red ball under pressure and then lost the colored ball. Ding Junhui did not have any softness. He finished with 91 points in a single stroke, winning 6-2 with a total score of 6-2 and advancing into the main match. In the first round of the race, Ding Junhui will face Steadman.

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