Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Nanjing Station Huang Zhaojian gives two gifts and Wang Yun enters the top 32

On January 16, the first day of the 2015 “Donghui·Xingpai” Cup Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament ended, and all the top 32 teams were selected.

Zhang Chao

In this station, players from Jiangsu province accounted for a considerable part, which demonstrated the strong atmosphere of Jiangsu billiards. A focused match between Jiangsu local players Zhang Chao and Ma Chao also attracted the attention of the audience. Nanjing famous general Zhang Chao has participated in the competition on behalf of the Provincial Taiwan Association for many times and won many awards. This time he played against Ma Chao, who had the “first shot in Suqian” (Subei), and staged a “super” duel, which made the audience hooked. . In the end, Zhang Chao won the “Jiangsu Derby” with a score of 7:5 and successfully entered the top 32. This game uses the triangle frame to swing the ball, Zhang Chao also expressed some of his views: “I prefer the triangle frame to swing the ball, because it makes billiards full of unpredictability, after kick-off you don’t know how What happens is that this is a big charm of billiards. The pendulum method of pendulum paper makes billiards simple. Some people say that it is more enjoyable because it is more clear and clear? In fact, it is not, if every time After the kick-off, you know who will win the game. Isn’t it boring? Besides, many players are more opportunistic and think that the ball is good, and no longer pay attention to basic skills.”

Another focus of the battle is between the famous players Wang Yun and Huang Zhaojian. The biggest highlight of this game is Huang Zhaojian’s consecutive jump ball errors. In the second game, he first hit the black bait with the goal ball after the jump ball in the second game, giving Wang Yun a point in vain. Then he made a jump ball error in the third game and the cue ball was pocketed, giving Wang Yun a 3:0. Start. After Huang Zhaojian got back 3 games, Wang Yun, who felt hot, did not give him a chance. He easily entered the top 32 with 7:3.

Tomorrow’s game will determine the top four seats, and the excitement of the game can be imagined.

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