Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Hubei Eight Finals Settled, Local Players Fight Alone

On the afternoon of April 28th, the top eight list of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station Hubei Division Qualifying Tournament was released. Billiards masters from all over the country gathered at the Simenkou store of Wuhan Seven Star Billiards Club to compete for the national spot.

In the 16-to-8 match, Hubei strong player Deng Qiang faced Liaoning Wei Liang. They all work in Wuhan, one is the ball room owner and the other is the billiard coach. Deng Qiang tied the score after being 3:0 behind. Wei Liang, with his stable performance, won two consecutive shots, won the game and advanced to the quarterfinals. Yu Tao from Sichuan also led three sets and won the quarter-finals after a stalemate with Hubei opponent Wu Zhenyu. Hebei player Guo Wei swept his opponent 5:0 and easily advanced. In the competition to advance to the quarter-finals, the most interesting is the duel between young player Zhang Guanghao and Jilin veteran Guangyu. Zhang Guanghao didn’t seize the opportunity at the start, and then lost 4 games in a row, lagging behind his opponent 0:4, and his mentality was slightly impatient. However, Yu Guangyu did not do it all in one go, freeing the opponent to foul the ball, and Zhang Guanghao seized the opportunity to get the game back. Yu Guangyu was in control of the match point, but the white ball fell into the pocket when he hit the final black eighth, and the score became 4:2. Zhang Guanghao pursued the victory and won another round. Yu Guangyu’s mentality was calm and stable, and he was not affected by the tension. He seized the opponent’s mistake and turned it into an offensive opportunity, and finally won the quarter-finals. After the game, Zhang Guanghao and coach Shi Xin summarized the experience of the game and discussed the reasons for the mistakes. Coach Shi Xin said that the apprentices did not perform well today, and many opportunities were not grasped, which made the advantages become disadvantages.

The top eight players come from all over the country, namely: Heilongjiang’s Shi Xin, Jilin’s Yu Guangyu, Liaoning’s Wang Peng and Wei Liang, Hebei’s Guo Wei, Sichuan’s Yu Tao, Fujian’s Qiu Paomou and Hubei’s local player Zhanan.

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