Ding Junhui ends the first round of the National Championships, 5 Chinese enter the top 32, Liang Wenbo and Li Xing

In the first round of the 2017 Snooker National Championships, Ding Junhui, currently ranked No. 2 in the world, failed to get out of the quagmire of mistakes. He lost 4-6 to Oliver Lanes, who ranked only 62, and was eliminated. The top 32 came out, and a total of 5 Chinese players were shortlisted, among which Liang Wenbo and Li Xing will stage a derby battle.


Yesterday’s postponed qualification match, Ding Junhui was plagued by eye diseases and made many mistakes. In the end, after a fierce battle to win the average Chen Zhe 6-3, it was already showing signs of failure.

In the first round of the race, Ding Junhui’s opponent was England rookie Oliver Lanes. Ding Junhui 54-32 and 76-40 joined the two cities. Little Lions regained a round 56-14, Ding Junhui relied on 62 points with a stroke, with a 3-1 advantage into the break.

After the break, Ding Junhui made more mistakes, lost the fifth game 30-105, lost another city 47-74, and the score became a 3-3 tie.

The next game was still very stalemate. Ding Junhui won the seventh game 51-34 in twists and turns. Lions won the eighth game with 78 points and one stroke. The two sides returned to the same starting line 4-4 again.

The ninth game was taken by Lions, Ding Junhui fell behind 4-5 and Lions got the match point. In the tenth game, Ding Junhui failed to find a chance to get the ball, and Lions won with a single shot, so Ding Junhui lost 4-6 and stopped the top 64 in the first round.

Liang Wenbo played very hard with Welsh player Lee Walker. Like Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo also achieved a 3-1 lead in the first four games. Liang Wenbo completed 52 points and 104 points in a single stroke, and Walker also had a good performance of 97 points in a single stroke.

Walker also countered a 3-1 after the break, and the two sides evened 4-4 in the first eight games. However, Liang Wenbo succeeded in avoiding Ding Junhui’s fate from happening to him. Walker took the lead with 56 points in a single stroke to get the match point 5-4. Liang Wenbo launched a Jedi counterattack, dragging the game into the decisive game with 62 points on a single stroke, and then smashed the opponent with 75 points on a single stroke, with a total score of 6-5. In the second round, what was waiting for Liang Wenbo was a civil war. His opponent was Li Xing. The latter beat the 2015 National Championship runner-up Gilbert 6-1 in the match that day.

In other respects, Chongqing star Xiao Guodong broke 100 in a single shot and eliminated Scottish player Sharawf 6-2. In the second round, Xiao Guodong will face Lisovsky.

Mexivan, who returned to his career last season, created a lot of danger for Murphy, who is ranked No. 5 in the world. Mexiwen opened the game with 96, 55 and 84 points in a single stroke. The Magician only scored a red goal in the first three games. After that, Mexiwen continued to lead 4-2. Murphy adjusted his state and took the lead in winning the match point with a 5-4 win in three consecutive games. Mexiwen single-stroke with 93 points dragged the game into the deciding game. In the deciding game, Mexiwen once started, but in the face of a good game, he accidentally sacked the cue ball. Murphy won the game with 67 points on a single stroke, so Mexivan was reversed 5-6.

Cao Yupeng from Guangdong lost three consecutive games with a 4-3 lead, and lost 4-6 to the defending champion Selby, who is now ranked number one in the world, and missed the next game together with Me Xiwen.

The first round was all over, and only 5 of the 13 Chinese players who entered the race came to the second round, namely Zhang Yong, Liang Wenbo, Li Xing, Xiao Guodong and Yan Bingtao.

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