Zheng Peng out of Tianjin qualifier: too many things distracted, Chinese billiards market is hot

On October 13, 2012, the CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Hangzhou Station Tianjin Qualifying Tournament was contested at the Tianjin Swok Santa Rosa Star Billiards Club. On the first day of the group double-loss knockout stage, Tianjin was the host. The famous golfer Zheng Peng was in poor condition and failed to qualify.

Although he lost the game, Zheng Peng can always be seen busy inside and outside the stadium, arranging waiters to work, interviews, and handling various emergencies. Zheng Zheng, the manager and partner of Tianjin Swark Santa Rosa Star Billiards Club Peng rarely has time to spare. “It was too busy, and I was not fully engaged in the game. There were too many things to find me and too many distractions, so the game was lost.” Zheng who was finally free. Peng said, “I am not just a player in the competition, but also the manager of the co-organizer. I have to negotiate with me for many matters, and it’s hard not to be distracted.”

“It’s been a long time since the club has just been established, and many things have to be busy.” As a representative of Tianjin players, Zheng Peng previously focused on snooker events, but Zheng Peng said in a conversation with reporters. In the future, more attention will be paid to Chinese billiards. “Now there are many large-scale snooker games in China, which is a very good thing for fans. The holding of these large-scale events in China has attracted more people’s attention. Snooker. But with the development of the snooker market, more and more top British players come to China to compete. The Chinese Tour we used to play has now also been upgraded to APTC. The influx of British players has affected our local players. The impact is too great, and there are fewer and fewer matches that really belong to our local snooker players. On the other hand, the Chinese billiards market is becoming more and more popular under the promotion of the small ball center and major manufacturers, especially the CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Style Billiards Ranking Tournament, this is the only officially recognized ranking tournament. There are many players, high level, and the viewing degree is greatly improved than before, so I will focus more on Chinese billiards in the future.”

In the Swark Santa Rosa Star Billiards Club, the business areas on the two floors are all star tables. Talking about this, Zheng Peng said, “My partner, Manager Jia, used to run the ball room. They were all Xingpai tables. After the house expired, we partnered to open a new club here. When it comes to choosing a table, the two of us have very unified opinions. Manager Jia has been very satisfied with Xingpai after working with Xingpai for many years. For me as a golfer, all aspects of the star table are perfect, so as you can see now, the new club still uses star cards, because star cards are worthy of our trust.”

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