Xingpai hosted the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Xingpai-Choke Dalian Station Qualification Tournament

1. Organizer China Billiards Association

2. Organizer Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Dalian Xingpai·Choke Billiard Club

3. Co-organizer

Dalian Billiards Association

Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Liaoning Branch

Promotion Unit Beijing Jingbo Guangsheng International Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

5. Designated equipment star brand billiard table Goli billiard cue

6. Cooperative media

BTV Sohu Sports (

Sina Beijing Yangyi Jingshi Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Beiqing Communication Media

Billiards Vision (

My billiard net (

Liaoning Billiards Network (

Dalian Billiards Network (

Dalian City Local Media

Seven. Competition date and location:

Time: May 4-6, 2012 Venue: Floor B1, Qingniwa Metropolitan Mall, Zhongshan District, Dalian (Dalian Xingpai·Chooke Billiard Club)

8. Competition item: Chinese billiard individual match

Nine. Participation qualifications: All Chinese citizens and foreigners in China, including men and women, can participate. There are eight qualifying regions in the country, and the top 8 in each region enter the main race. The race was held in Zhengzhou from May 23rd to 27th. The eight athletes in front of Dalian Railway Station reimbursed the sleeper tickets for the round-trip train from Dalian to Zhengzhou (Sponsored by Chocolate Billiards Club).

10. Registration method:

(1) Telephone registration: Manager Zhao 18641267966

(2) On-site registration: Floor B1, Metropolis Mall, Qingniwa, Zhongshan District, Dalian (Dalian Chooke Billiard Club)

(3) Beijing Xingwei Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Liaoning Branch Manager Zhou 13889107888

(4) The registration fee is 50 yuan (non-refundable).

Registration deadline: May 3 at 18:00

Draw time: May 3 at 19:00

11. Competition method:

The competition will be a double-elimination tournament (the participating athletes need to bring their own ID cards, and the real-name registration system will be adopted. Male players meet female players, 1 game).

(1) The first stage: enter the top 32: (four wins in seven games)

(two) the second stage: 32 into 16 (nine games and five wins)

(three) the third stage: 16 into 8 (nine games and five wins)

(four) the fourth stage: 8 into 4 (nine games and five wins)

(five) semi-finals (six wins in 11 games) final

(Eight wins in 15 rounds) Remarks: The rules of the game are implemented according to the latest American Poole (8 ball) standard rules promulgated by the Chinese Billiards Association.

12. Referees and arbitration: The chief referee, referees and arbitration committee members are selected by the Dalian Billiards Association.

13. Admission ranking and rewards:

Men’s Qualifying Tournament Prize Winner: 5000 yuan + certificate

Runner-up: 3000 yuan

3-4 people: 1,000 yuan

5-8: 500 yuan

9-16: 100 yuan

Special reminder: The organizing committee stipulates that in order to ensure the actual number of participants in each stage of the competition, the prize money of the top eight contestants will be collected by themselves in the sub-station competition area during the start of the sub-station, otherwise the prize will be abandoned. Other prizes for ranking will be collected at the qualifying match. Thank you for your cooperation.

Men’s race main race champion: 50000 yuan + trophy + certificate

runner-up: 30,000 yuan + certificate

Quarter: 10,000 yuan + certificate

Temple Army: 10,000 yuan + certificate 5-8 people: 3,000 yuan

9-16: 1500 yuan

17-32 people: 800 yuan

33-64: 500 yuan

year-end finals (men) champion prize money champion: 80,000 yuan + trophy + certificate runner-up: 30,000 yuan + certificate third place: 10,000 yuan + certificate third place: 10,000 yuan + certificate 5-8: 3000 yuan 9-16: 2000 yuan

14. Relevant requirements:

(1) During the competition, smoking is prohibited in the venue, mobile phones are turned off or set to vibrate, alcohol, gambling or other bad behaviors are strictly prohibited.

(2) Contestants shall not be late for no reason or abstain from voting. Competitors must be present 15 minutes before the start of the game to prepare. After the start of the game, five minutes later, a game will be lost. Those who fail to arrive 10 minutes will be awarded the game. The next game can continue. Those who do not arrive for two consecutive games will be considered as abstention.

(3) Participating athletes should bring their valid ID cards with them to participate in the competition. If the information and certificates provided are inconsistent or untrue, the organizing committee has the right to cancel their qualifications, results and awards.

(4) Anyone who disagrees with the referee’s decision must be raised before the next stroke of the two players after the penalty is awarded, otherwise it will not be accepted.

(5) Participants must wear competition uniforms, and accessories are strictly prohibited. Wearing commercial logos requires the approval of the Organizing Committee.

(6) Participating athletes are required to apply for transportation and personal insurance by themselves.

15. The final interpretation right of this game belongs to Dalian Xingpai·Chooke Billiards Club. Any matters not mentioned will be notified separately.

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