German Masters Qualifying Tournament: Selby scored 10 consecutive victories in two weeks, Gilbert was overturned by one person in a row

Xingpai Billiards News, in the early morning of December 22, Beijing time, the 2020 Snooker German Masters Qualifying Tournament ended its second match day in Barnsley, England. Not long ago, World Champion Judd accidentally missed in the European Masters Qualifying Tournament. Trump regained his form, defeating Welsh player Daniel Wells 5-1, and entered the second round of the top 64 qualifying round.

This Wednesday, Trump, the world’s number one, suffered a “dark horse” counterattack in the European Masters Qualifying Tournament, losing to Ian Burns and missed the race; this time another qualification on Saturday In the match, Trump entered the second round of the qualifying round with 55, 60, and 109 consecutive offensive points in a single stroke, and will compete with Stewart Carrington for a seat in the main match on Sunday.

The German Masters will start in the capital Berlin at the end of January.

Irish player Ross Bullman, who is a wild card, performed unexpectedly in today’s qualifying round. He defeated the 12th-ranked Barry Hawkins 5-2. If he can beat the big team in the second round of qualifying. Wei Grace will enter the top 32 of the German Masters by virtue of his performance in two consecutive stages.

Northern Ireland player Jordan Brown copied the victory earlier this week. He defeated Gilbert 5-2 in the first qualifying round of the European Masters. On Saturday, in the first round of the German Masters qualifying round, Brown was in the decisive victory. The round was cleared from the yellow ball to the black ball, once again defeating Gilbert, ranked 11th in the world.

Scottish Open champion Mark Selby has further expanded his recent winning streak. He defeated Chinese teenager Fan Zhengyi 5-0 on Saturday, completing his “ten consecutive victories” feat in two weeks. Zhao Xintong played 9 games against former world champion Ken Dahdi. In the end, Zhao Xintong won the deciding game with 139 points.

John Higgins defeated Polish player Stefano 5 to 1 with the highest 74 points in a single stroke; Sean Murphy won 4 games in a row and eliminated O’Connor after falling behind 1 to 2; the top four in the British Championships Bingtao scored 134 points and 131 points, defeating Fu Jiajun 5-4; Mark Allen defeated Ma Fulin 5-4.

On the 22nd, the German Masters Qualifying Tournament will enter the final competition day. Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo, Yan Bingtao, Zhao Xintong, Xu Si, Li Xing, Zhang Anda, Tian Pengfei, and Browning will represent the “Chinese Legion” to compete for the main race seat. Yuan Si Jun and Zhou Yuelong will stage a “civil war” to lock a ticket for China to the race.

Source: China Sports Mavericks full score

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