Zheng Yubo’s Challenge Ends Chinese World Championships Champion 33-23 Likhill_Billiards_Billiards

The first leg of the 2019 Chinese Billiards Zheng Yubo Championship came to a successful conclusion. In the two links yesterday, each other finished 19-11, with Zheng Yubo leading. In today’s third stage, each other’s feelings were fierce and clearing Taiwan, 29-20 completed the third stage. Hill caught up in the fourth stage, winning four straight games to chase to 23-30. In the end, Zheng Yubo took the competition with the ultimate performance of “Continuous Touching Two”, and declared that the influence of “New Chinese One Brother” was unwavering.

The third stage of the game just started on time at 18 o’clock. Although they dropped significantly at the kick-off end, they were still in the first six innings with unselfish dedication and four shots, in which Hill had three shots and the situation rushed to 14-22. Zheng Yubo quickly made a two-shot blast and expanded the score to ten rounds before the first midfield, 25-15. It is worth mentioning that in the ten innings from the thirty-first to the forty innings, each other made a total of “two bombs and five catches”, and the clearance rate reached 70%. Although the disparity of the game made the tournament less and less foreshadowing, the brilliant attacking love of the two players still made the football fans endless aftertaste. The main performance of each other in the second and third stages is the same. The reason for the gap in the battle situation is that Hill did not take the initiative in the first stage. He planted a “deep hole” for himself. How to fill in also not going home. After breaking into the sky, after Zheng Yubo took the lead with a total score of 28-16, Hill won three consecutive games in the final 20 minutes of the third stage to reduce the score, and finally finished the third stage with a 20-29 game.

An hour rested between games, Zheng Yubo’s apprentice Tang Chunxiao and Hill’s girlfriend Kathy Hunt had a very high-looking exhibition match. The football fans watching the live broadcast were very comfortable. At 21 o’clock, the fourth stage of the event just started on time. At this time, Zheng Yubo won only four games. In the 50th inning, Hill kicked off the white ball and smashed the bag. Zheng Yubo, who started the free kick on the net, did not show any mercy. He cleared the game with one shot and raised the situation by 30. Although Hill has been “repairing the sheep” in the three consecutive rounds since then, Zheng Yubo finished the event with the ultimate performance of “stroke two” at a critical juncture. The 33-23 defense was a success!

After the competition, everyone from the organizers and advertisers of the competition meant that they participated in the award ceremony. Mr. Sun Yongchao, the manager of Cangzhou Kangxi Dingsheng Sports Industry Development Trend Co., Ltd., awarded the prize bank draft to the championship Zheng Yubo, and Mr. Dai Xiaowei, the editor-in-chief of Shanghai Shengli Family my country Football Live TV, awarded the championship medal to the championship Zheng Yubo. Mr. Jiang Xuefeng, the general manager of Beijing Xingpai Shengye Stationery Market Sales Co., Ltd., awarded the runner-up medal to the second runner-up Michael Hill, and Mr. Chen Qifu, the manager of the Wild Leopard Stationery Market Sales Co., Ltd., Bazhou City, Hebei Province, presented it with friendship One Michael Hill Wild Leopard cue. In addition, as Zheng Yubo’s advertisers, Kangxi Peak Manager Sun Yongchao and Wild Leopard Pool Cue Manager Chen Qifu also awarded Zheng Yubo an incentive gold of 20,000 yuan each for the second consecutive World Championships.

At this point, the first leg of the Chinese billiard Zheng Yubo hegemony held by China Sports and Kangxi Dingsheng was successfully concluded. Kangxi Dingsheng signed the football player Zheng Yubo with absolute strong performance and achieved success and received a reward of 100,000 yuan. American contestant Michael Hill won a unique “Chinese Billiard Tour” and his 50,000 yuan prize for the third place. Maybe it’s just

Chinese billiards are a lot of waves in many competitions, but the independent innovation of this game will eventually become a milestone in the Chinese billiards business service competition. The Zheng Yubo competition will continue to set sail and it is worth looking forward to!

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