The four competition areas confirmed the 3/4 seat of the Chinese billiards ranking competition.

In 2013, the first stop of the CBSA National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Jiangsu will be held this month in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. After competing in the four previous qualifying rounds, 24 seats in this race have been produced. They are the top 6 players in the qualifying rounds of Tianjin Station, Hebei Station, Henan Station and Jilin Station. In addition, 8 wild cards have been set up. To improve the compatibility of the event. By observing the currently announced competition system, the men’s and women’s competitions are both single-elimination and elimination rounds. No one in the finals can lose. The cruelty of the competition is evident.

The Tianjin Qualifying Tournament was held in Tianjin Yunmengze Billiards Club. On the evening of May 5, 2013, the qualifying round ended successfully. After two days of fierce competition, 116 players finally produced six players who entered the race. They are Wang Peng, Li He, Liu Yang, Tian Ci, Xi Hongyu, and Liu Haitao. Among them, Wang Peng, Li He and Liu Yang won the first and second runner-up.

The Hebei Qualifying Tournament was held in Haosen Billiards City in Handan, the hometown of Tai Chi in China. At the opening ceremony, two Taijiquan masters, Wang Xincheng and Zhang Donghai, the five-generation successors of Lu style Taijiquan, and the famous Chinese calligrapher Guo Honglong were also present to congratulate the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament. The Chinese-style billiards game held in Handan this time allowed us to witness the promotion of local culture by sports games. At 16:00 on May 12, 2013, the qualifying round of this station ended successfully. Contestant Chen Qiang from Liaoning defeated Qiu Paomou with a score of 7:3 and won the championship. The two together with Xie Zhaohui, Zheng Yubo, Wang Yun, and Song Binhui were qualified to participate in the Jiangsu race.

On May 19, 2013, the 2013 CBSA National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Qualifying Tournament was held in Kaifeng Xingpai Billiards Club, Henan. After two days of fierce competition, 6 contestants were finally selected from the 128 contestants who signed up. They were the champion Abrajani Yazi, the runner-up Li Zhongwei, the third runner-up Li Heng, the fourth runner-up Qiao Fengwei, the fifth runner-up Li Hui, and the sixth runner-up Yu Ting.

The 2013 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Jilin Qualifying Tournament was held in Changchun Biaokuxing Billiards Club. Star player Li Hewen finally defeated his opponent 7-4 and won the championship. Xi Shouxin and Zhang Nan won the second and third place. Liu Yong, Wu Hao and Liu Chuang won 4-6 points. The six also obtained the qualifications to participate in the first round of the Jiangsu Station in 2013. In this race, we were even more delighted to see the two foreign contestants.

In January 2012, approved by the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament hosted by the China Billiards Association and undertaken by Beijing Xingwei Sports Goods Co., Ltd. came into being. This is also the most authoritative and standardized domestic billiards so far. , The highest-level national Chinese billiards tournament, its establishment is a milestone in the development of Chinese billiards.

The National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament has a large time span, a wide range, and a long time. It has caused a huge shock in the national billiards circle. The vigorous development of the Chinese-style billiards ranking competition has gradually attracted the attention of high-level players at home and abroad. With the gradual improvement of the rules and regulations of the tournament, the gradual increase in the prize amount, and the promotion of various powerful media, the Chinese-style billiards ranking competition will strive to become China The first independently innovative international brand competition.

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