China Tour Baoying Open ends, Cao Yupeng beats Chang Bingyu for the first time

Xingpai China Billiards Association official website news After 7 days of fierce competition, on September 6, 2017, the CBSA China Professional Snooker Tour Baoying International Open ended successfully. The active world snooker professional player Cao Yupeng and currently ranked 20th in the China Youth League of Xinjiang player Chang Bingyu fought 9 rounds in the finals. In the end, Cao Yupeng 5-4 lore Chang Bingyu and won the China Tour Championship for the first time.


The China Professional Snooker Tournament is co-sponsored by the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports and the Chinese Billiards Association. It is currently the highest-level snooker ranking tournament held in China. The Baoying International Open is the first race of the season, attracting 158 players from across the country, including most of the top 32 of the current CBSA China snooker rankings and active world snooker professional players.

After many levels of competition, Cao Yupeng, a Guangdong player, passed through and reached the final. This is the second time that Cao Yupeng has reached the final of the China Tour. In the 2009 China Tour Zhangjiagang station, Cao Yupeng lost to the meatless Maimati and finished second. The young player Chang Bingyu performed outstandingly in this station. After eliminating former APTC champion Jureti and Sichuan player Chen Feilong, he advanced to the final as the dark horse of the event.

According to the schedule, the finals will be based on 9 games and 5 wins. In the first game, Cao Yupeng took the lead to score 44 points on a single stroke, and then Chang Bingyu started, but after only 1 point, the teenager returned to his seat. Cao Yupeng played again and played a precise long stage and scored 74-11. Victory in the first game. In the second game, the two players restrained each other in the opening phase. Although Cao Yupeng did not score consecutively, he scored a lot of points on Chang Bingyu through snooker. In the latter part of the game, Cao Yupeng offered a 50+ single stroke and achieved a 2-0 lead.

In the third game, Chang Bingyu took the lead and scored 22 points. Then Cao Yupeng went wrong and made a long platform error to make the teenager play again. After just finishing the overscore, Chang Bingyu didn’t have the chance to continue scoring. Chang Bingyu chose to defend. Cao Yupeng scored through snooker, but in the end the teenager scored a red goal and then cleared the table, rewriting the score to 1-2.

In the fourth game, the two players scored very fragmented. In the offensive and defensive, Cao Yupeng scored the key red goal at the last minute to continue to expand the score advantage with a score of 75-52.

After an intermission, the game entered the second half. In the fifth game, Cao Yupeng scored 35 points on a single stroke. When handling a red ball, the cue ball first encountered the pink ball and was penalized. However, Chang Bingyu did not seize this opportunity and Cao Yupeng once again hit a single stroke for 50 points. Points, 4-1 to get the match point first.

Under the desperate situation, Chang Bingyu launched a strong counterattack in the sixth game. A few difficult goals helped the teenager to seal his opponent with 98 points on a single stroke and regain one game. In the seventh game, Cao Yupeng had an unsatisfactory effect of blasting the red ball, and he had no choice but to fight far away. At this time, the scattered red balls are very conducive to offense and continuous scoring. Chang Bingyu came to the stage and blasted 72 points on a single stroke to complete the overscore. The score came to 3-4.

In the eighth game, Cao Yupeng’s reckless offense allowed Chang Bingyu to get on the phone, and Chang Bingyu turned to defense after getting 49 points in a single shot. Facing the complicated situation, Cao Yupeng took care of it carefully and gradually narrowed the game. In the middle of the game, the two sides launched a safety ball battle. In the clearing stage, Chang Bingyu played a yellow ball and called a green ball to win the warm applause. The game came to a deciding round.

Decisive game, Chang Bingyu scored 19 points with a red ball in the distant table. A mistake allowed Cao Yupeng to take the opportunity to lead his opponent with 49 points on a single stroke. It was the teenager Chang Bingyu who opened the situation again, but Chang Bingyu made a fatal mistake under the pressure. In the end, Cao Yupeng defeated Chang Bingyu and won the China Tour Championship for the first time.

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