Welsh match Yan bingtao Xiao Guodong 4-0 clearance Tian Pengfei hits out Hawkins

In 2020, the second round competition of snooker billiards Welsh League was completed, Yan bingtao was promoted 4-0, Xiao Guodong won the civil war 4-0, Tian Pengfei beat Hawkins 4-0, Zhao Xintong was promoted 4-2, Yuan Sijun, LV Haotian, Mei Xiwen and other Chinese players were eliminated.

Yan bingtao played man in the second round. After winning 93-39 in the first inning, the second inning burst out, and yezhu scored 108 points in the first inning. Yan bingtao continued to work hard in the third inning, and also scored 76 points and 3-0. In the fourth inning, Yan bingtao quickly fought the fast inning, with a score of 69-0 and a score of 4-0. In the third round, Yan bingtao’s enemy will be Bingham. Bingham took on Chen Feilong in the second round, scoring 55, 110 and 99 points to win 4-1.

Xiao Guodong and fan Zhengyi launched a civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China. In the competition, Xiao Guodong firmly grasped the enthusiasm of the field, scored 101 points in the third inning, and got a 4-0 promotion in the other three innings. In the third round, Xiao Guodong will try Higgins. Tian Pengfei’s situation against Hawkins was full. He scored 108 points, 79 points and 53 points in a single shot, and was promoted 4-0. In the third round, Tian Pengfei’s enemy was Danish bretcher.

Zhao Xintong’s response to hescott continued the last round of 4-0 sweep of Dorothy’s touch at the beginning, winning three consecutive sets 3-0 to get the match point. Since then, Zhao Xintong’s situation slipped slightly and was chased by the enemy for two match points. However, in the sixth inning, Zhao Xintong still controlled the situation and won the promotion 4-2. In the third round, Zhao Xintong will deal with Welsh long Stevens in the away battle.

Yuan Sijun’s enemy in the second round is Jimmy Robertson. Although he is lagging behind twice and tied twice, he still narrowly loses yezhu’s 109, 56 and 70 points in a single shot 2-4. Jimmy Robertson will become Ding Junhui’s enemy in the third round. Chen Zifan tried Selby. Although he took the lead in the first inning, he was pulled four innings by Selby. The latter one scored 51 and 68 points to win 4-1.

Lu Haotian’s enemy is Hamilton, up to make a 72 point winning three games in a row, but Hamilton pulled four games in a row, Lu Haotian encountered a 3-4 reversal. Meixiwen was attacked by Jill. In the first two games, meixiwen was bombarded by the enemy. He scored 54 and 79 points on a single shot, fell behind 2-0. In the third game, meixiwen scored 84 points on a single shot to recover one set, but he lost two more games and lost 4-1. Si Jiahui took on Saudi player wahdi and scored 69 points 2-1 in the first three innings, but since then he lost three innings 2-4 in a row and was greatly reversed by the enemy.

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