The Macau Masters Tournament ends and will start in Macau on October 24

The 2018 Snooker Macau Masters Trial, after a month of competition, came to an end. Thousands of domestic snooker amateurs have signed up for the competition, covering 20 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government, Hong Kong and Macau.

From the beginning of September to the beginning of October, after 64 matches, the top eight players from various clubs, a total of 512 people, were eligible to vote for “through Macau”. After the final voting process, the final list of eight people has also been released.

Macau player Chen Zijian was elected as the winner of this event with 21,759 votes.

On October 23, 8 popular players will show up in Macau to interact and compete with the top professional players participating in the Macau Masters.

2018 Snooker Macau Masters, as the first Snooker Masters level event in Macau, is also the highest level event in Macau. Its level and influence are very high. The total prize money of the event amounts to 100,000 US dollars. The Macau Masters sponsored by Zunlong Entertainment is sponsored by the Macau Snooker Association and other institutions, hosted by TOP147, and supported by the World Professional Snooker Federation and the Chinese Billiards Association. It is the highest-level professional snooker event in Macau’s history.

Xingpai Sports, as the co-organizer of the Snooker Macau Masters, will provide all games during the Macau Masters. Xingpai billiards table, with excellent quality and stability, will dedicate wonderful snooker events to the audience in Macau.

Signature: Star Billiards

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