World Championships qualifier last round 3 former world champion worrying, top two seeds lead

The final round of the 2018 Snooker World Championships qualifying round has ended in the first stage of the clash. The top two seeds Ryan Day and Maguire both lead 6-3. They are left behind by Alberton and Wafi. The other two former world champions are also at a disadvantage, Dortmund 4-5 Mike Dunn, Dahdy 2-7 Stevens.

As the top seed in the qualifying round, Ryan Day had to face the impact of the 2002 World Championship champion Alberton in the final round. In the first stage, Ryan Day played the style of the season’s double crown, 6-3 seized a favorable position. However, King Mo’s performance was not bad, hitting 68, 135 and 60 points in a single stroke in the three winning games. I believe Ryan Day will face even greater pressure in the second stage.

Qualifying second seed Maguire also led Iranian player Wafi 6-3. Maguire has five ranking titles. Since 2004, he has never missed Crucible and has won two top 4 results. In the last two seasons, his state has declined, falling out of the TOP16 in the world rankings, and at the same time he lost his qualification for the World Championships. I believe that the hot hands of the qualifying games will help him get back on track as soon as possible.

Among the three former world champions, apart from Alberton, the other two have had a hard time. The 2006 World Championship champion Dortmund trailed England veteran Mike Dunn 4-5.

Irish star Dahdi was the champion of the 1997 World Championships, but his opponents were not good. Stevens had twice entered the World Championship finals. For Dahdi, who has slipped to the edge of his career, this is indeed a high threshold.

However, Dahdi had a good start and a beautiful ending. In the first game, he won 74-27, and in the ninth game he scored 85 points cleanly. However, in the middle of the seven games, he all became spectators. In the end, the first stage ended, Dahdi fell behind 2-7, and the hope of winning was very slim. Beijing time tonight to the early morning of the next day will start the final match day of the qualifying competition, then the list of 16 players will be released.

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