Masters Liang Wenbo saves 3 match points 4-6 lost to Trump and out

Tencent Sports News On the early morning of January 16th, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker London Masters continued. Chinese player Liang Wenbo encountered the championship favorite Trump. During the game, Liang Wenbo had a low start and encountered match points at 1-5 and then completed two strokes. Breaking a hundred consecutive to save three match points, but ultimately lost to Trump 4-6 to stop the first round.


Liang Wenbo was in a mediocre state this season. At the beginning of the season, his partner Ding Junhui won the World Cup. After that, he was out early in the rankings. The only outstanding performance was a 147 full score of 40,000 pounds. The Masters Liang Wenbo replaced the banned Bingham to get the opportunity to participate. The first round opponent was England star Trump. Before the two played against Trump 6 wins and 5 losses, they had a slight advantage in the last three games. Pu made a winning streak.

In the first game, Liang Wenbo took the lead in this game, and gradually widened the point difference and made a mistake when it was about to exceed the point. Then Trump chased points and scored 50 points to reverse and win a 1-0 lead. In the second game, Liang Wenbo hit a full score of 147. After scoring 10 reds and 10 blacks, he was interrupted. Liang Wenbo won the game and tied with 1-1.

In the third game, Trump once again took control of the situation. He scored 83 points in a single shot to win the game, leading again with a total score of 2-1. In the fourth game, Liang Wenbo once got a chance. After scoring 16 points, Trump made an offensive error. Trump then won by 72 points in a single shot, leading 3-1 in the game.

After a 15-minute break, Trump continued to control the situation actively in the fifth game, set up a leading edge by breaking and breaking, 83-4 overscores and another 4-1 game to expand the score. In the 6th game, Trumlu made a mistake after scoring 12 points. In a good situation, Liang Wenbo gave another chance after 43-12. Trump then scored 58 points to win the game, with a total score of 5-1. The match point is reached.

Liang Wenbo, who was behind by a large score, began to recover. In the seventh game, he scored two strokes + overpoint to save the match point. Then in the eighth game, Liang Wenbo scored consecutively on the long stage. This attack scored 139 points to clear the table. Liang Wenbo surpassed Williams and Allen to become the highest score in a single stroke so far in this tournament, and then save the match point 3-5 behind.

In the ninth game, Trump struck a red ball from far away. After 20-0, the simple red ball failed to advance and left a pocket ball. Liang Wenbo did not miss such an opportunity and broke a hundred in a single shot. Taiwan saved another match point and fell behind by 4-5 points.

In the tenth game, Trump’s high-quality safety ball, Liang Wenbo made a wonderful far-field, and then forcibly attacked the top pocket green ball and missed the opportunity. Trump started to score consecutively and won the game with a single stroke of 80+. The final score eliminated Liang Wenbo 6-4 and advanced to the second round.

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