2012 Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Lanzhou Qualifying Tournament

There is an old saying in China that “home and everything flourish”. I think everyone understands the truth. At the closing ceremony of the Lanzhou Qualifying Tournament, in addition to the traditional awards for winners, this time also a special award, the “Honorary Member” award. Through understanding, “Xingpai” and “Lanzhou Xingpai Shenyi Billiards Club” jointly introduced the concept of “home” for this qualifying match, and integrated the “home” culture into the game, which also set off the climax of the entire closing ceremony.

According to Cao Xingcheng, general manager of Lanzhou Xingpai Shenyi Billiards Club, it is his pride and pride for billiards fans from all over the world to gather in his club to participate in such high-level competitions. He hopes to enhance everyone’s friendship in the competition, and sincerely hopes to be a family with everyone, so he specially launched this award. But this also attracted most of the contestants and all the people present. When the awards were awarded, the atmosphere of the scene immediately became warm, united, harmonious, etc., truly turning the stadium into the player’s “home”.

“Xingpai” is all of you, “Xingpai Club” is your little home-a sentence from Yuan Shijie, general manager of the Lanzhou branch, expressed the aspirations of all the people present.

“I believe that there will be more and more Xingpai families, family and everything will be prosperous, Xingpai will all be prosperous”

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