Bingham: Winning the Masters means everything to me, hoping to win the British Championship

The 2020 Snooker Masters came to an end. In the final battle between the two players born in the 70s, Bingham beat Carter 10-8 to win the Masters for the first time. He won the championship prize of £250,000 and returned 43. At 243 days, he became the oldest champion in the history of the Masters. After the game, champion Bingham accepted an exclusive interview with the World Taiwan Federation. Talking about the journey of the Masters can be described as a lot of emotion.

The following is an interview with Uncle Bin:

Winning the Masters championship means everything to me. As I grew up and trained, the Masters has been broadcast on the BBC. It took me 10 or 11 attempts to achieve success. I am overjoyed and speechless now. I really can’t remember how it was so over-scoring, it feels so wonderful.

After Ali (Carter) overtaken in the late game, I even wondered what to say after I lost. How the turning point happened, I really don’t know. I have won 7 professional championships, and I hope I can get 10-this is my goal. Hope one of them can include the British Championship!

I don’t know how to perform like this in this game. Thank you to everyone in the audience. Your support to me is very important. This is also the key to my game. It is everyone who helped me show this way. At the same time, I want to apologize to Ali (Carter), he caused me a huge trouble today-I feel more and more comfortable sitting in the chair every time he scores a goal!

I only slept for 9 hours in total in these two days. After each game, there are a lot of things to work with TV. I didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning on Saturday, and I didn’t get home at 30:30 this morning. I probably only slept for 3 or 4 hours, and my whole body was buzzing with excitement. The previous game almost emptied me. In the end, I got the chance to clear Taiwan and win. What I thought in my mind was ‘what are you doing?’… Everything came out, it was all emotions.

The last game turned out to be my only break in the entire game. After 60 points, I was only two or three goals away from the victory. I scored a wonderful black ball and liberated two red balls. I asked the referee to clean the cue ball. I said to myself,’Come on! Don’t just finish the super Score and break a hundred… “Obviously I did it in the end, incredible.

Compared to winning the world championship, this time is really different. Today I played very calmly, even when I was 5-7 behind, I was very calm, I think I can make a few good single shots. However, after going through everything in the last 4 and a half years, the significance of this championship is not less than before. Only the top 16 elites in the world can participate in this event. It contains a rich history and many former champions are here. It is not inferior to the world champion.

All the family members came here, making this moment more special. The stadium is not far from home, and many of my friends came here to help out. Thanks to everyone who supported me!

Source: Netease Sports

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