Maguire’s state is overwhelming, as long as he keeps it, he will be everyone’s opponent

After winning the Tournament Championship, Maguire’s global ranking also went to 9th, so the World Championship also entered Trump’s quarter. In terms of overall signing, the first half The district is much better than the lower half.

Maguire has performed very well this season. You must know that more than a year ago, this Scottish contestant was only ranked 16th, and it has been a long time since he won any championship.

Maguire’s state is overwhelming, as long as he keeps it, he will be everyone’s opponent

In June, Maguire participated in the Tour Championship held in Milton Keynes for Patch Junhui. He became the biggest beneficiary, winning a prize of 260,000 pounds and instantly rising to 9th in the global ranking. This championship is also Maguire’s first ranked championship since 2013, and it is also his third championship this season, but the 6 Red Ball World Championship and the World Cup are not ranked.

In the summer of 2019, Maguire and Higgins partnered to win the World Cup, after which he won the 6-red ball world championship. Before Christmas in 2019, Maguire reached the final of the British Championships and eventually lost to Ding Junhui. Maguire was also the champion of the 2004 tournament. After that, Maguire replaced Ding Junhui in the Tour Championship and won the championship, and the global ranking has returned to the top ten for the first time since the 2013-2014 season.

With such excellent performance, Maguire will certainly become one of the eye-catching contestants in the World Championship. Maguire has participated in 18 competitions this season, ranking 1 championship, 1 second, and 1 semifinal. Although he has won many great records in the past year, it should be noted that Maguire’s season has many unsatisfactory records. He failed to qualify for the Riga, European and German Masters, and was eliminated early in the Chinese Championships and International Championships.

Maguire’s continuity is always not good, and when the situation gradually benefits his opponent, his personality shortcomings will be exposed. The lack of spectators at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes seems to be conducive to his concentration, so he may be one of the few competitors who really expect the World Championships to use closed games. In the previous 16 games in Sheffield, Maguire lost 8 times in the first round, which was jaw-dropping. In 2020, which qualified contestant he met in the first round is particularly important for the future competition.

Maguire may face Karen Wilson in the second round, and then may compete with Trump, who is ranked number one in the world, in the quarterfinals. In the past year, the two have faced each other several times, including Trump’s victory over Maguire in Crucible last year to win the first World Championship.

Maguire beat Trump 9-6 in the Tour Championship in June, confirming his unquestionable strength. If he can continue to maintain this state, he will undoubtedly be everyone’s opponent.

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