Xingpai teamed up to create 2018 Chinese billiards tournament

Recently, the World Billiards Aircraft Carrier Star has joined hands with well-known companies in the industry to build the Chinese Billiards Club Grand Prix, the largest amateur event in history, and then made a big hit and released the “2018 Season Chinese Billiards Tournament Schedule”. According to the planned timetable, from July 2018 until January 2019, there will be competitions every month, and there will be double competitions in November, December and even January, which can be described as a good show.

Chinese billiards is a billiard sport with my country’s independent intellectual property rights. At present, there are 70 million billiards fans and more than 30,000 billiard clubs in China, of which 80% are fans of Chinese billiards. Chinese billiards is the most popular in China. The national fitness sport has developed vigorously in recent years under the promotion of the Chinese Billiards Association. It has become a three-legged trend with snooker and nine balls. Xingpai is the world’s largest manufacturer of billiard equipment and the world’s number one billiards brand. For many years, Xingpai has been adhering to the top-level craftsmanship concept and the tireless, pioneering spirit of hard work, taking product quality as the foundation of its life, and has experienced product quality. Service upgrades from manufacturers to event contractors and industrial operators. Xingpai has made an indelible contribution to the development of Chinese billiards. Since 2003, Xingpai has completed its nine years of work and has continuously held the “Billions of Billiards” National Chinese Billiards Club League. Popularization and promotion have laid a solid foundation. In 2012, the establishment of the first CBSA National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament hosted by Xingpai was a precedent for the regularization and professionalization of Chinese billiards. In 2015, Xingpai’s Chinese Billiards World Championship was successfully created. It was held to promote Chinese billiards to the world. Since then, the annual Chinese World Championships has attracted many international players to participate, which has established the international status of Chinese billiards, snooker and 9 ball.

Over the years, Xingpai has invested hundreds of millions of funds to host events and spared no effort to promote the development of Chinese billiards. In 2018, Xingpai joined forces with Kangxi Prosperity, 6811, Yalemei, Obi, and China Sports, and then made great efforts and fully integrated Resources, deep cultivation of Chinese billiards, the national 100-stop Chinese billiard club grand prix for the majority of Chinese billiards amateur players, fully arouse the enthusiasm of fans, consolidate the mass base of Chinese billiards; Chinese billiards China Open, China Classic, China Masters, The four-stop professional rankings of the China Championships have opened the way for professional players to advance to the world championships. The newly established Chinese Billiards Super Competition is a scientific competition system and generous bonuses to provide professional players with a competitive platform to show themselves; Chinese billiards International Championships The championships brought together Chinese billiards elites from all over the world to compete, paving the way for the internationalization of Chinese billiards.

2018, under the leadership of the China Billiards Association and the common promotion of everyone, Chinese billiards will surely bloom again!

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