The overseas trials of the Chinese Billiards World Championships were held in the United States for the first time

The first overseas qualifying round of the 2017 Chinese Billiards World Championships began on the 24th in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

This overseas qualifier is jointly initiated by the Chinese Billiards Association, the World American Billiard Players Association and Beijing Xingwei Sports Industry Co., Ltd., aiming to allow more international players to get the opportunity to participate in the Chinese Billiard World Championships. Through the two-day competition, four players will be eligible to directly participate in the 2017 Chinese Billiards World Championship held in Yushan, Jiangxi, China.

Wang Tao, secretary general of the Chinese Billiards Association, said in an interview with a reporter from Xinhua News Agency: “The reason why the qualification tournament is held in the United States this time is to allow more international players to participate in the Chinese billiards competition, so that they can better understand Chinese billiards and at the same time. The important thing is to let Chinese billiards get more promotion and publicity all over the world.”

The Chinese Billiards World Championship was held in Yushan, Jiangxi for the first time in 2015, and has been successfully held twice. This event has received strong support from major sports organizations in the world. It is an international billiards event jointly organized by the China Billiards Association and the three major international billiard organizations, the International Billiards Federation, the World Professional Billiards Federation and the World Fancy Pool Association. Billiards is recognized by the world billiards community.

As the organizer of this event, Gan Jialing, deputy general manager of Beijing Xingwei Sports Industry Co., Ltd., said: “The Chinese Billiard World Championship is a brand event with national independent intellectual property rights. After two successful holdings, it has attracted many players at home and abroad. Participate. The reason for setting up a qualifying tournament overseas for the first time is to expand the influence of the tournament and let more foreign players know about this tournament and participate in it. It is planned to set up one or two qualifying tournaments on each continent in the future, from the grass-roots to the top of the tower. , To build a national brand event is also a complete layout of world-class events.”

According to Wang Tao, the Chinese Billiards World Championship has a prize money of 500,000 U.S. dollars, and many top snooker players including Selby, Trump, Robertson, etc. have participated in it. It is understood that the first competition in 2015 attracted 305 players from all over the world, and the number of players in the second competition in 2016 increased to 364.

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