Li Xing loses match point 5-6 in the semi-finals of the Chinese Championships and is reversed, still creating the best of his career

China Billiards Association official website news on August 21, the 2017 Snooker China Championship semi-finals all ended. In the final semi-final in the evening, Li Xing was overtaken by his opponent when he got the match point 5-4 first. The tiebreaker lost the game, and Luka Brecher reached the final and will compete with Sean Murphy for the championship. Although Li Xing was defeated, he broke through himself and created the best result of his personal career.


In the second semi-final, Li Xing, a young Chinese player, played against the talented young Belgian Brechel. Li Xing reversed Jin’s left hand Williams to reach the semifinals, and the latter reversed the Rockets O’Sullivan in the quarter-finals to enter the semifinals. , This game can be described as a dark horse battle. The two sides have not had a record of fighting before. This encounter is the first duel between the two in a large ranking match.

The game started at 7:30. The 11-game 6-win system was adopted. In the first game, Li Xing took the lead. He scored 28 points and entered the game. A red ball with little difficulty in the bag made an offensive error and handed over the situation to his opponent. Chel won the first game with 81 points. In the opening phase of the second game, Brecher crossed back the ball in the defensive game. The cue ball hit the pocket corner and changed its direction and stopped below the blue ball point to leave a chance. Li Xing scored the red ball in the bottom pocket and got over but only 9 points and the offense was interrupted. , Li Xing seized the opponent’s mistakes and scored 52 points in a single shot again. Brechel then scored 45 points but then Li Xing got another chance to complete the overscore 65-45. The remaining three colored balls were briefly entangled. Li Xing tied the score 1-1.

In the opening stage of the third game, Brecher hit a red ball into the pocket during the defense. Li Xingyuan scored the lipstick ball in the pocket. After 52 points, the cue ball penetrated into the red ball to interrupt the attack. After that, Brecher hit twice. After scoring 55 points and leaving the last red ball, the two sides entered the defensive battle. After a period of contention, Brecher made a snooker. Li Xing made a mistake and sent a free kick. Brecher 80-57 rewritten the score to 2-1. In the fourth game, Brecher scored 52 points for defense, and made snooker when there were six red balls. Li Xing failed to solve the ball in the first attempt, and left a chance for the second. Chel scored the red ball and unexpectedly dropped the cue ball, but did not leave an offensive opportunity. After a long time of entanglement, Brecher’s long-stage offensive succeeded in completing the overscore and the score came to 3-1.

After the break between the innings, Brecher took the lead in the fifth game. After 39 points, the K-ball was not effective and transferred to the defense. However, because the red balls were scattered all over the table, the defense was extremely difficult. After a few rounds, Brecher Er accurately scored the red ball at the top of the library but then missed the yellow ball and gave it a gift. Li Xing collected the red ball with 49 points on a single stroke and cleared it to the green ball. In the last four colored balls, Li Xing played again. The overscore pulled back a game. In the sixth game, Li Xing scored the lipstick ball first but made a mistake in the simple black ball. Brecher then scored 33 points and turned to the defense. After Li Xing returned the ball, Brecher missed the offensive from the far stage and left a perfect phone meeting. Xing completed the overscore with 60 points on a single stroke, and Li Xing controlled the situation in the competition for the remaining red ball and the colored ball and tied the score at 3-3.

After the kick-off of the seventh inning, Brecher scored a red goal but failed to continue. Li Xing then scored 8 points and interrupted the offense. After a two-shot defensive contest, Brecher made a mistake and gave the opportunity, but Li Xing scored the red goal. Losing the black ball put the situation in the hands of the opponent, Brechel won with 107 points on a single stroke and regained the lead 4-3. At the beginning of the eighth game, Brecher hit the target red ball into the pocket when the cue ball returned to the defense. Li Xing was eager to get the ball directly into the pile. Unexpectedly, the cue ball drilled into the red ball pile and hit the black ball. The bottom defense missed the chance of a large-angle thin ball. Brecher made a thin red ball and had good luck. The cue ball came back and hit the blue ball just to form an offensive opportunity, but only 7 points made a mistake and sent a chance. Li Xing also It was just that the red ball was not able to continue the scoring. The situation became more and more complicated. The colored balls were mostly sticking to the library. The two sides fell into a see-saw. Li Xing tied the score again with 44-10 and tied the score 4-4.

In the ninth game, Brecher took a 45-8 lead in the first half. Li Xing then seized the opportunity to score 86 points in a single shot to win the match point. In the tenth game, Li Xing took the initiative in the defense at the opening stage, and there was a loophole under Brecher’s passivity. Li Xing scored 14 points and made a mistake. Then, Brechel then got 37 points and played poorly when he played the green. The ball was defended. After entering the stalemate, Li Xing scored 25 points but interrupted when there were two red balls left. After a period of entanglement, Brecher scored a thin red ball near the difficult top library and once again took a single-stroke victory. The score was 5 -5, enter the decisive game.

In the deciding game, Li Xing kicked off the ball. Brecher made a thin red ball and sent 4 points. After that, Li Xing took the opportunity to score the red ball, but the offensive made a fatal mistake of a simple straight ball. Brecher took 75 with a single shot. After finishing the overscore, Li Xing lost the battle after a brief struggle. He failed to write the myth of the dark horse and Brecher entered the final.

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