Hebi game Xingpai table is well received by golfers, new and improved table attracts attention

On October 27th, Beijing time, the 2012 “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Hebi “Xinliyuan Cup” Qualifying Tournament ended the group match at the Hebi Yingmen Billiards Club of Henan Province. After a day of competition, the top 16 of the game have all been produced. The players were full of praise for the stage used in this game, especially the new stage prepared by Xingpai for Hangzhou Station, which received unanimous praise.

Although the appearance is not much different from the previous table, this table has a greater improvement in technology. According to reports, this table was originally a table specially prepared for the Hangzhou Station of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament. Before the start of the qualifying game of this station, one was specially selected from it as the main table of this competition. Compared with the previous ones, this stage has a greater improvement in craftsmanship. In contrast, there are about 20 or 30 improvements in technology. In the process of making the table, a series of Chinese billiard players such as Li Hewen and Liu Chuang personally went to the factory to test and put forward their own suggestions for improvement, which made this table more suitable for the requirements of the game. This table has just been settled in the British Men’s Billiards Club, and it has been well received by everyone. It is understood that although the table fee of this table is much higher than other tables, there are still many people who are willing to play on this table to experience the different playing feeling of the top table. The general manager of the British Men’s Billiards Club, Mr. Ren Wei, also likes this table. He even hopes to buy this table to let more people experience it.

In addition to this newly designed stage, the other stages of this competition are also welcomed by the players. Li Guohong, who is 43 years old this year, can definitely be called a veteran player. Since he started playing billiards in 1988, he has been playing for 25 years. In this game, Li Guohong won three consecutive games and went directly to the top 16. At present, Li Guohong is the manager of a billiard club in Handan. All the ball rooms use this table. He soon entered the role when he came to Hebi. He told us that the stage is to achieve star cards, and all the tables feel the same. Another veteran, Bai Shujun, also made it to the top 16 from the defeated division. He also said that the star table is comfortable to play.

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