Yan Bingtao beats Higgins 6-2 to make the top 4 of the rankings

In the quarter-finals of the 2017 World Snooker Championships, Chinese teenager Yan Bingtao, now ranked 53rd in the world, defeated Higgins, ranked 3rd, 6-2, making his career a finalist in the top 4 rankings for the first time in his career. In the semifinals, Yan Bingtao will face Mark Allen, who narrowly beat Trump 6-5.

In the first round of this World Championships, Yan Bingtao beat the number one star O’Sullivan 6-1. Higgins is the second 75 legend he encountered in this World Championships. Recently, Higgins and O’Sullivan are in hot form and have won the 29th ranking championship in their careers. However, the difficult lottery didn’t make Yan Bingtao back down, but instead stimulated his fighting spirit.

Yan Bingtao scored 84-0 in the first game with 52 points on a single stroke. Then Yan Bingtao won the second game 63-28. In the third game, Yan Bingtao scored a 99-point single shot cleanly, 120-0 once again making the four-time world champion miss a goal and the score was 3-0. In the fourth game, Higgins, who had won the 2015 National Championships, finally got better. After getting started, he started a continuous attack. As a result, he accidentally formed a distant platform with 55 points on a single stroke, which caused the offense to be inaccurate. But Yan Bingtao also failed to score the wide-angle red ball left by Higgins after a turnover. Higgins then pulled back one city 100-0 and entered the break with a score of 1-3. After the break, Yan Bingtao returned strongly with a beautiful 123 points. Higgins won the sixth game 72-0 and Yan Bingtao continued to lead 4-2. In the seventh game, Yan Bingtao scored 57 points and was fined 4 points for the cue ball. Otherwise, Higgins would take the fourth duck egg. Yan Bingtao won the game 5-2 to get the match point. Higgins failed to reverse the situation in the eighth game. Yan Bingtao started with 89 points on a single stroke to seal the victory. In this way, Yan Bingtao beat the four-time world champion 6-2. In just over a year of his career, he broke into the top 4 of the major ranking competition for the first time.

Yan Bingtao said in an interview: “I was actually a little worried before playing this game. This is the second time I have entered the quarter-finals in my career. This is a hurdle for me. I am worried that I will be pressured and have ideas. However. In today’s game, I adjusted myself well and played well.” For the next game, Yan Bingtao said: “Walking here, there are two games left. But I think I’ll let myself calm down and play slowly. , Go step by step.”

Higgins also praised Yan Bingtao, who defeated him. “This is a very thoughtful game. In the process, Yan Bingtao performed very well. He was great.” He also praised Yan Bingtao as a young Davis.

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