Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Men’s Finals Li Hewen defeats Liu Chuang to win the championship

On August 25, Beijing time, the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament at Shenyang Station entered the final competition day at the Shenyang Pool Club on the 9th floor. In the men’s finals just concluded, Li Hewen defeated Liu Chuang 13-6 to win the championship.

The men’s finals is a 13th game, with alternating rushing. In the first game, Liu Chuang’s left-handed cue ball smashed the bag, and Li Hewen used the ball in his hand to clear the table, 1-0. In the next two games, Lee Hewen scored two points in a row with his steady offense, 3-0. In the 4th game, Li Hewen rushed the ball and cleared the table directly, 4-0. In the 5th inning, Liu Chuang rushed the ball without falling into the pocket, and then both sides made two mistakes. Li Hewen scored another point, 5-0. In the 6th game, although Liu Chuang also made a mistake, he then cleared the stage with two wonderful offenses, 1 to 5. In the seventh game, Liu Chuang’s hand was still not very good, and Li Hewen took the opportunity to lead 6-1.

In the 8th inning, although Li Hewen missed the attack, Liu Chuang made a serious mistake in positioning and sent the ball in his hand after the ball was solved. Li Hewen continued to widen the score gap, 7 to 1. In the 9th game, Liu Chuang still failed to make any achievements in rushing the ball. Li Hewen took over to complete the clearing, 8 to 1. In the 10th game, Li Hewen still controlled the game, 9 to 1. In the 11th inning, Li Hewen made an offensive error in the bag, and Liu Chuang recovered one point, 2 to 9. In the 12th game, it was still Li Hewen’s performance time. After the Taiwan was cleared, he led by 10 to 2. In the 13th game, Li Hewen finished the clearing again, 11 to 2.

In the 14th game, Liu Chuang made another mistake in his position, and then fouled the ball in his hand. Li Hewen made a lob. Liu Chuang made a brilliant jump ball and turned the bag to attack. Then he cleared the table 3-11. In the 14th game, both sides strengthened their defenses. In the end, Liu Chuang won the game 4-11. In the 16th inning, Li Hewen rushed the cue ball to wash the bag, and Liu Chuang took over to clear the table, 5 to 11. In the 17th game, Liu Chuang rushed the ball and cleared the table 6-11. In the 18th inning, Li Hewen blasted back the game and scored the match point 12-6. In the 19th inning, Liu Chuang still had a deviation on the offensive end. Li Hewen seized the opportunity to complete the clearance, and finally won the championship 13-6.

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