National Chinese Ranking Tournament Shandong Qualifying Tournament Draw Ceremony A record number of participants

On the evening of April 19, Beijing time, the first National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shandong Binzhou Star “Chen Zhi Industry and Trade Cup” Qualifying Tournament was held in Binzhou King Billiards flagship store. Due to the extremely popular players who signed up for the competition, the draw ceremony originally scheduled for 19:00 was delayed until nearly 21:00. The deadline for registration is 128 people, which can be regarded as the station with the largest number of registrations in all the qualifying competitions so far.

Such a high number of participants is inseparable from the efforts of the King Billiards flagship store before the game. Binzhou can only be regarded as a third-tier city. Although major websites and media have used huge pages to promote the first National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, in some remote cities, most people are not used to paying attention to online information. Mr. Wang Weiguo, the person in charge of the King’s Billiards flagship store, said: “In the early stage of publicity, we used the list of members in our store to notify them of the details of the game one by one, and let them also notify the people around them to increase the publicity. , To attract more billiards fans to participate.” Regarding the hosting of the first Chinese billiards ranking tournament, Mr. Wang exclaimed: “This is the Chinese eight-ball, the American sixteen lottery and many other previous titles. It is officially named Chinese billiards. , And hold a ranking tournament for the first time. We have to make it unique, otherwise it will be meaningless. We must develop the characteristics of Chinese billiards and create a Chinese billiard atmosphere.”

“The master of billiards” Ma Zhiyu also signed up for this sub-station. He said: “I didn’t expect that the number of participants in this station would be so large, and there are also many outstanding players, such as Shi Xin and Yu Haitao. I believe the competition should be Very fierce. But since I have signed up for this qualifying round, I will definitely play well.”

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