Xingpai Hosts Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station Shaanxi Division Qualifying Tournament Officially Started on the 13th

The first stop of the 2012 National Chinese Eight-Ball Ranking Tournament in Henan will be held from the 23rd to the 27th of next month. Prior to this, the eight qualifying rounds as the qualifiers for this competition will be held one after another. On the 13th of this month, the Shaanxi Division of the Qualifying Tournament will be the first to compete in the Yulin Yashi Billiard Club. As of the end of registration at 9 pm on April 12th, Beijing time, more than 64 people have signed up for this competition.

Sponsored by the China Billiards Association and hosted by Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament can be described as a blockbuster in the Chinese billiards industry this year. Once launched, it has received a warm response from fans across the country. According to the arrangement of the schedule, this year’s ranking competition will include a total of four sub-stations and one finals. Each sub-station will have eight qualifying events distributed in eight regions. The competitions in all regions will be the largest Aroused the interest of the majority of Taiwan fans and constituted a grand carnival of domestic billiards.

Zhengzhou Station, as the first race of this ranking competition, will also consist of eight qualifying races, which include Shandong, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Liaoning, Hubei, and Anhui. In the past month, the qualifiers will be held one after the other. The top eight in each qualifying round will be qualified to enter Henan and have the opportunity to qualify for the finals. The most authoritative organizer, officially recognized points rankings, and high bonuses have greatly stimulated the nerves of many fans. In a short period of time, more and more people have signed up to participate.

Shaanxi Division, as one of the eight qualifying divisions, is also the first qualifying race. Judging from the information reflected in the registration, this qualifying match has received a positive response from the majority of fans, not only attracting many local fans in this competition area in Shaanxi, but also attracting many players from surrounding provinces to participate in the competition, including Inner Mongolia. Players from provinces such as, Ningxia, Shanxi and Gansu signed up for this competition, which in another aspect also reflects the status and popularity of the national ranking competition.

The 2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament has received strong support from Taiwan Associations. The Shaanxi Billiards Association also attaches great importance to the holding of this qualifying match. The international referee Qian Minghui served as the chief referee and selected a large number of national referees to take charge of the referee work. At 9pm on the 12th, the chief referee Qian gathered the participating athletes and held it. At the plenary meeting, a detailed explanation of the rules and disciplines of tomorrow’s competition was made. All participating players listened carefully to Mr. Qian’s explanation and believed that a fair, just and transparent competition environment would play a good role in the smooth progress of the competition. Guarantee function.

In recent years, with the development of China’s billiards environment, Chinese billiards have also developed rapidly throughout the country, and the holding of this Chinese billiards ranking competition will undoubtedly further promote the development of Chinese billiards. On April 14, the Shaanxi Division Qualifying Tournament will be in full swing.

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