Why choose the beacon for the Chinese billiards ranking competition? The final will be held in the mall

The 2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Liaoning will start at the end of August. There will be 8 qualifying areas throughout the country. 48 Chinese billiards masters will be selected to compete with the top 16 players in Henan. Negative, the latest Chinese-style billiards. The competition venue of the Liaoning Qualifying Competition Area is set up in the Beacon Star Billiards Club, which is the most authoritative and most formal qualifying competition in the country. Because there are only 8 stations in the country, the competition for the competition is also very fierce. Why did you fall into the Lighthouse Star Club? The reporter visited the club recently to explore its root causes.

Lighthouse is a rich and small city known as the “Land of Fish and Rice in the North”. It has a rich billiard atmosphere. There are 5 or 6 large-scale billiard clubs. The star club opened by Liu Hongbo is the best business among them. Talking about the reasons for the booming business, Mr. Liu said: “Others work hard on decoration. I spend my time on the billiard tables. There are more than 30 tables in my two ball rooms, all of which are star cards! The Xing brand table is of real materials and good quality, and people who come to play also like it. I used to have a few other brand tables that claim to be of good quality, but the fans did not like it. Some time ago I dealt with it and removed the table. When I saw it, most of the materials are large core boards, and the Xing brand tables are made of imported hardwood, which is more stable and has a long service life. So I choose all Xing brand tables. The fans are in this case. I feel comfortable playing golf, and just like that, the business has become popular; another one, I am very popular, in the lighthouse, many people know that Xingpai (ball room and other business) is my business, and everyone is willing to come to me. “Liu Hongbo proudly said, “Xingpai is a big brand in my heart, it is the representative of quality and image, so my business in the entertainment service industry is called Xingpai. In addition to the ball room, I also have Xingpai. Hostels, Xingpai barbecue, Xingpai is still very well-known in the lighthouse.”

In order to bid for the Liaoning Regional Qualifying Tournament of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Liu Hongbo made great efforts and contacted the Liaoning Provincial Taiwan Association and Tournament Committee many times to negotiate, and came up with a sincere game plan: this qualifying tournament is not only in the lighthouse star The club will be held and the final stage will be moved to Tianfu Mall, the largest department store in the lighthouse, and local media such as the lighthouse TV station will be invited to follow up and report on it. In view of Boss Liu’s sincerity and excellent competition organization plan, the organizing committee finally decided to hand over the competition authority to the Beacon Star Billiards Club.

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