Stars of Chinese billiards in the Xingpai Cup have fallen, and the competition is fierce at the highest level

On June 19, 2013, the CBSA “Xingpai Harpu” Cup Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament started the first day of the competition at the Nantong Harpu Club. “Snooker Queen” Evans played again on his first trip to China. Add defeat, 3-5 lost to the famous Baige. After the game, Evans stated that his level of Chinese billiards is indeed far behind most of the domestic players.

For the relatively unfamiliar Chinese billiards, what expectations do Evans and his agent Mr. Paul have in addition to being fresh?

Comment: For Evans, his first trip to Chinese billiards was a failure. Whether it was a familiar event of a different gender or an unfamiliar event of the same gender, his British and Chinese competitions were defeated. This fresh phenomenon also brings us some hints: First, we must respect the differences between men and women when we run the competition, encourage female players to show themselves, and provide a platform to promote the improvement of female players; secondly, we need each other between events. Respect, co-prosperity and symbiosis, Chinese-British-American-style is a billiards project, harmonious but different, we must find a development model suitable for our own characteristics while communicating with each other; finally return to our Chinese-style billiards, the Chinese-style billiards with Chinese characteristics are extensive and profound , On the road from the white ball to the black ball at the end, the forces of the 7 balls of both sides are declining, showing the law of yin and yang in Tai Chi. The defeat of the “Queen” also proves that our project is by no means a low threshold. It is not just that we can “shift” our good results in other projects just by knowing the rules.

We hope that more and more women players will join us in the Xingpai Cup National Chinese Billiards Competition

In the men’s team, Li Hui, a Liaoning player, was zeroed out. In the alternate rushing system, it is no less difficult than scoring a golden nine in a 9-ball match. Wang Peng fought hard for 17 games and lost in double match points to Song Binhui, Chen Qiang failed to reverse Liu Chuang, Zheng Yubo and Liu Yang quickly lost and so on. Let us see that the competition in the 2nd Star Cup Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament has become increasingly fierce. With the reform of the competition system of the Xingpai Cup Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, even many of the “seed” masters have already been eliminated in the qualifying rounds, and they missed the opportunity to stand out to the venue of the tournament, such as creating a continuous explosion of 5 tables. Zhang Guanghao.

In other competitions, although Wang Yun, Wu Hao, Liu Haitao and Zhou Quan all advanced, perhaps they knew in their hearts that the current Star Cup Chinese billiards game is really difficult to play. How long does it take to be a winning general? The location and people are in harmony.

Comment: The author has recently observed that there are some similarities between the reform of the international competition system and the reform of the domestic Chinese billiard rankings. A major decision from the snooker world at the end of 2012 was to adopt a new flattened lottery in eight major ranking competitions from the 2013-2014 season. This means that the competition will not look at “begins”, and all contestants are required to start from the first round. This policy is being applied to the ongoing Wuxi Classic for the first time. The biggest by-product of this reform is the unpopularity. In the Wuxi Classic Qualifying Tournament that ended earlier, Selby and other big names have fallen from the horse, while the rising stars represented by Lu Haotian and other juniors have successively “topped”. worry.

At the same time, a large number of spectators entered the venue earlier than before to pay attention to the race. They are not only to witness their favorite stars in the qualifying matches, but many people go to witness the “unpopular”, and the chance of matches under different conditions has greatly increased. From the qualifying round, this undoubtedly increased the financial pressure on the players. Because in large-scale ranking competitions, the corresponding players who are ranked as seed players can be guaranteed to get their corresponding more or less bonuses. This is undoubtedly good news for lower-ranked players. They can have more opportunities to play against and learn from higher-ranked players.

Internationally and domestically, the new format of the English-Chinese competition has a considerable impact on the competition itself. It will deprive high-ranking players of the “privilege” without discrimination, and will also stimulate the fighting spirit of most players to a greater extent. In short, the author believes that encouraging and creating a level playing field has changed so that we can see that it has a positive role in promoting billiards. Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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