World Championships Xiao Guodong and Lv Haotian rush to the race, Liang Wenbo 0-9 dangerous

Superstar Online News, in the early morning of April 18th, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker World Championship Qualifying Tournament began its final sprint. In the first stage of the third round, as for the Chinese players, Xiao Guodong and Lu Haotian both lead their opponents by a large score and are very close to the race. In the first two rounds, Liang Wenbo unexpectedly fell behind Jones 0-9, and the situation is very critical. Tian Pengfei is also behind by the same big score. Zhang Anda was only one game away from his opponent, laying a good foundation for the second stage of counterattack.

After the first two rounds of competition, the surviving 32 people started their last fight for the precious 16 race passes. Of the 22 Chinese Legions who played in the battle, only five came to the final round, which is evident in the intensity of the World Championships qualification.

Same as the previous two rounds, the third round also uses a system of 19 rounds with 10 wins and two stages. As the number of games has been greatly condensed, all games were put on two days. In the first nine games of the first stage, the five Chinese players were mixed. Let’s first look at the happy aspect.

Xiao Guodong from Chongqing and Adam Duffy, a player of the same age in England, had a good momentum. In the first nine games, he only allowed his opponent to score 1 point in the sixth game, and he took all the rest, only two short of the race. The game, there is no suspense to win. At this stage, Xiao Guodong took the lead, with a single score that was not eye-catching, only five 50+.

20-year-old Beijing teenager Lu Haotian is also quite eye-catching, 7-2 against the 47-year-old black veteran McLeod. Nine rounds of the game produced a total of more than 50 points in nine strokes. McLeod scored 62 and 83 points in a single stroke in his victory, showing that his state is not bad. In addition to two 50+, Lu Haotian scored more than 70 in the other five. In the last round, Lv Haotian won five games in a row after falling behind 5-9 and reversed O’Donnell 10-9. As long as the teenager continues to maintain his focus, it will not be a dream to achieve Crucible’s debut.

Zhang Anda’s match with O’Donnell showed a slow heat, losing the first four games and falling behind 0-4. After Zhang Anda broke out, with three strokes of 50+ and one stroke to break a hundred, draw the opponent 4-4. O’Donnell scored the ninth game with 100 points, so Zhang Anda was only one game behind by 4-5.

The prospects of the other two are worrying, and Liang Wenbo’s situation is quite surprising. Looking back at the first round, Liang Wenbo managed to score a miracle of 147 points in two strokes in the same game-finally with 147 points in one stroke and 140 points in one stroke, leaving a classic in the qualifying tournament of this year’s World Championships.

However, Liang Wenbo played against Welshman Jamie Jones that day, as if he was sleepwalking. Not only did he not reach 50 or more single-stroke points, he didn’t even score a game. Jones played well, scoring eight 50+ in the nine winning games. In this way, Liang Wenbo has slipped to the edge of the 0-9 cliff, and the opponent only needs to win one more game, Liang Wenbo will miss the race. However, super reversals are not uncommon in history, and it is worth looking forward to whether Liang Wenbo can create magic on the last day of the qualifying competition. In addition, Tian Pengfei 1-8 Wakelin is also sweating.

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