Brechel beats Murphy 10-5 at the Chinese Championships to win the first major ranking tournament

The official website of the Chinese Billiards Association News on August 22, the 2017 Snooker China Championship came to an end. In the final, the 22-year-old Belgian player Luca Brechel defeated the magician Sean Murphy 10-5 to win the championship. This is also Brecher’s first major ranking championship in seven professional seasons.

In the afternoon, the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education ushered in the final decisive battle. The two sides were facing seven major ranking tournament champions, including the World Championships, British Championships and Masters Grand Slam player Murphy, as well as hundreds of players in training. The Belgian genius Brechel, who has scored 147 full shots for the first time. The two sides have faced each other 7 times before. Murphy has won 4 of them and has the upper hand. However, in 4 games in the past two seasons, the Belgian has 3 wins and 1 loss. Advantages, this meeting is the second meeting of the two this year and the first duel in the finals of a large ranking tournament.

The final was a 19-game 10-win system, divided into two stages. The first stage started at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. On the one hand, Brecher had a bad hand and made many mistakes. He scored two red goals and failed to continue scoring. The Philippines is relatively stable. Murphy won 68-2 with 55 points in a single shot in the first game. In the second game, Brecher handed over the table to his opponent after scoring 31 points. Murphy single shot The 68-point win rewritten the score to 2-0. Murphy scored 15 points in the third game. Brecher scored 64 points on a single stroke to recover the game and tied the score to 1-2. In the fourth game, Murphy took the initiative to get 107 points in a single shot and his opponent extended the score to 3-1.

After the break between the innings, Brecher’s state recovered after adjustments, and the accuracy of the remote station was significantly improved. In contrast, Murphy’s hand feel fell and continued to make mistakes. Luck also sided with Brecher, and the two fell into the fifth game. In the tug-of-war, each of them failed to fully open the situation many times. In the final stage of the color ball competition, Brecher won 63-49. The situation in the sixth game was similar to the previous game, but Brecher was in the late game. The score was won by overshoot, which tied the score 3-3. In the seventh inning, Murphy was interrupted after a single shot with 53 points. After that, Brecher repeated his hands and beats to make a 77-53 single-round reversal to overtake the score. Then in the eighth inning, Brecher made another single-stroke 78-point victory, 5 -3 ensured the leading position in the first stage. The ninth game was chaotic. In the end, the remaining pink ball and black ball were Brecher’s thin pink ball from far away. Murphy cleared the table and struggled to win the first game. With a score of 4-5, Murphy fell behind.

The second stage started at 7:30 in the evening. After two hours of adjustment, Murphy still couldn’t find the touch. As soon as he came up, he lost two games in a tug of war. Murphy, who was 4-7 behind, was in the first half of the 12th game. When it reached 32-1, he got the opportunity to play a single shot with 77 points to win, and the score came to 5-7. In the thirteenth game, Murphy started first but only got 4 points and then interrupted. Brecher took over 12 points and went poorly and chose to attack the difficult blue ball and missed the top pocket. Murphy then got the chance to win with a single shot, but After scoring 48 points, the red ball offensive error ruined a great opportunity to catch up to the score. After Brecher took over, he cleared the table and won by one point 53-52. The 8-5 widened the score gap again to three games.

In the 14th inning, Murphy took the lead. When he scored 22 points, he took the initiative to admit that the foul interrupted the attack. Brecher then made a thin red ball to get started, but after scoring 13 points, he lost a simple red ball to give him a big gift. 8 points were interrupted again, Brechel single shot 49 points to clear the red ball to complete the over-point. After a short period of entanglement, Murphy cue ball fell and gave up. Brechel won the match point 9-5. In the fifteenth game, Murphy scored two difficult red balls on the long platform in the opening stage but failed to continue the scoring. Brecher won the mobile phone meeting many times and did not open the situation. The red ball entered the competition for the colored ball. In the end, Brecher scored a pink ball and won 61-37, setting the score at 10-5 and winning the current China Championship.

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