The deciding game loses the white pigeon, Fu Xiaofang enjoys Chinese billiards, returns home with his sister after the game

On May 24th, Beijing time, the 2012 “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station entered the second day of competition. In the first match, world champion Fu Xiaofang lost to the white pigeons 4 to 5 and missed the next round.

In today’s game, both sides played very well. After the white dove successfully won the first game, Fu Xiaofang began to exert his strength and exceeded 2-1, and then won the match point 4 to 3, but the white dove then played beautiful offenses consecutively, dragging the game into the final game. . In the critical 9th ​​game, Fu Xiaofang failed to push a sticky ball. At this time, the white pigeon successfully shot a beautiful continuous attack and defense, blocking the offensive line of Fu Xiaofang’s last ball; although it paid Xiaofang managed to solve it, but the white pigeon finished the game smoothly and finally defeated Fu Xiaofang 5-4 to advance to the round of 16.

After the game, Fu Xiaofang said that he played very well in this game, but his opponent’s performance was better. Fu Xiaofang has played Chinese billiards before, so he still has a certain foundation. However, Fu Xiaofang, who has been engaged in the fancy pool project in recent years, obviously feels that he lacks a little overall consideration of Chinese billiards, and sometimes the choice is not very ideal. However, Fu Xiaofang still enjoys Chinese billiards competitions. She feels that Chinese billiards is of great help to her, and she will continue to participate in the national Chinese billiards ranking competitions.

For the table “Dragon in the World” for this game, Fu Xiaofang felt that this was the most beautiful Chinese billiard table she had ever seen, and the feeling of playing on it was very good. From the beginning, I played in my uncle’s ball room. At that time, I used the star table, so I still have a deep feeling for the star table. Although he lost in his hometown of Henan, Fu Xiaofang is still very grateful to the fans for cheering for him. After the game, Fu Xiaofang and his “sister” Liu Shasha will return to their hometown Lankao. After enjoying a period of vacation, they will prepare for the Shenyang Women’s 9-Ball World Championship. In the previous two years of competition, Fu Xiaofang’s results were champion and fourth respectively. I hope she will still perform well this time.

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