Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament will start tomorrow, Fu Xiaofang, Liu Shasha and other national players will participate

On May 23, Beijing time, the 2012 “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station will kick off in Zhengzhou Gaogu Billiards Club. A total of 72 male players and 58 female players signed up for the event. The men’s contest will officially start tomorrow, and because the number of applicants exceeds expectations, the women’s team will also compete in the first round tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the wild card round and the first round. The men’s group will be 9 games and 5 wins, and the women’s group will be 5 games and 3 wins. As the game continues, the number of robbed games will increase accordingly. The final finals will be 11 men and 9 women.

Many big-name players have appeared among the male players. National team player Li Hewen played against Beijing player Li Jingkun in the wild card round. In terms of strength, it should not be difficult for Li Hewen to win. The rest, including Qiu Paomou, Shi Xin, Wang Yan, Wang Peng, etc. also came to participate in the competition. Qiu Paomou will face Li Yong in the first round, Shi Xin will face the winners of Liu Yi and Yang Fan, and Wang Peng will face Meng Xianglong. A world champion in the fancy pool world also came to this game. Chinese-Dutch player Xie Huijie had only one experience of playing Chinese pool before. In this game, he will face Wang Yu in the wild card round. There should be many matches in this game. Aspect.

In the women’s group, the arrival of the four national team female players Fu Xiaofang, Liu Shasha, Han Yu and Zhou Doudou added a lot of difficulty to the game. However, there is no shortage of female masters in Chinese billiards. Famous players such as Zhou Zining, Wu Mengmeng and Cao Yangyang will also have a strong impact on the championship. Among them, the four national team members and Cao Yangyang all won the first round of byes, and they will directly enter the 32-to-16 contest starting the day after tomorrow. Among the other players, Wu Mengmeng played against Ji Xiaojie, Zhou Zining played against An An, and Cong Jing played against Cui Lei. If nothing else, there shouldn’t be too much upset.

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