The final round of the 2019 “War Horse” Cup Guangdong Shenzhen Billiards Club Finals is over_Billiards_Billiards

How much does the billiard table cost? After two months, after 144 trials and 32 rematches, the 2019 Stallion Cup Shenzhen Club Open Finals, with more than 500 players working together, was held on September 1. Four club teams rushed out of the main division. In the final, show the audience a rich and colorful billiard event with excellent skills!

Ding Junhui coach Cai Jianzhong, Asian regional champion Golden Dragon, and national team coach Zhang Kai participated in this themed event as special guests, cheering all the participants on the spot and boosting the development trend of Shenzhen’s billiard natural environment .

Warhorse conveys the spirit of active fighting to all participants. Whether it is attack or defense, every decision is endangering the result of the event. When it comes to the finals, Warhorse hopes to give participants the confidence of “kinetic energy and confidence”. Heart, I hope to encourage contestants to dare to test themselves, to give full play to their potential and take the initiative to attack! I understand: Your kinetic energy is far beyond your imagination!

After rounds of fierce battles, the players from the Xuanwu Snooker Club won the final victory and raised the championship medal for the club team.

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