[Guangzhou Haizhu 9-Ball International Open] Pan Chen/Huang Qingning become the biggest dark horse, the knockout match is out

Xingpai Billiards News In Group A, Ke Bingzhong/Li Wujing suffered a “open door” and lost to Ye Zhenlun/Chen Ruolin 5-9, but then won two games in a row and joined Zheng Xiaohuai/Liu Xiazhi to qualify. In Group B, Ke Bingyi/Wei Ziqian won the first place in the group with three wins. Guo Xuanwei/Fan Langtong beat Chen Qinghe/He Xinru to advance. In Group C, Wu Jiaqing/Chen Siming unexpectedly lost 1-9 to their first partner Pan Chen/Huang Qingning, but they went ashore as the second group. Group D formed three sets of 2 wins and 1 loss. As a result, Zhang Ronglin/Han Yu and Liu Riteng/Guo Siting passed, Tao Yinduo/Gao Meng stopped because of the least number of games. In Group E, Xue Zhenqi/Xia Yuying and Fu Zhewei/Su Yiyun were promoted. In Group F, Liu Haitao/Liu Shasha won three games in a row, and Wu Kunlin/Wang Xiaotong was second in the group. In Group G, Dang Jinhu/Zhang Muyan took the first place in the group, with a 9-8 win over Wang Ming/Yes Sisi who won the second place in the group. In Group H, Wang Can/Fu Xiaofang defeated Ke Binghan/Fan Yuxuan 9-6 in the key round of the group’s first place, and they all passed the level.

The single elimination list has been released. Pan Chen/Huang Qingning ranked No. 1, facing Zheng Xiaohuai/Liu Xiazhi in the first match. Wang Can/Fu Xiaofang, Liu Haitao/Liu Shasha and Zhang Ronglin/Han Yu are also the breakout favorites in the upper half. The three Ke family brothers and their partners gathered together in the lower half. Dang Jinhu/Zhang Muyan and Wu Jiaqing/Chen Siming are also in this half and will meet in the first round of the knockout round.

On December 26, this game entered the single elimination stage and the semi-finals will be produced.

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