9-ball China Open + Snooker Masters Xingpai leads the September billiard season

September 2012 is the season of billiards. The World 9-Ball China Open and the Snooker Shanghai Masters followed one after another. In these two competitions, the star table became the designated game table without any suspense.

At present, several mainstream 9-ball events in China-Beijing World Team Championships, CBSA American 9-ball China Open, and Shanghai World 9-ball China Open all use star fancy pool tables certified by the Asian Taiwan Federation.

In the previous two years, the Xingpai pool table has been the designated table for the World 9-Ball China Open. With its excellent quality, the Xingpai pool table has been well received by Chinese and foreign players in the past two years. In the 2012 World 9-Ball China Open, the star brand’s 18 sixth-generation tables and two Xiangyun tables, once again appeared in Shanghai, are bound to provide the strongest guarantee for the exciting game.

After the World 9-Ball China Open, the Snooker Shanghai Masters will follow. Snooker table, as a star product, has been used in the World Taiwan Federation’s large ranking tournaments, PTC, EPTC and Super League. Last year, with the addition of temperature and humidity control systems, the performance of Xingpai tables in humid environments became more convincing. In 2012, the Xingpai table will appear in the Shanghai Masters for the sixth time. I believe that the Xingpai table will be able to conquer the hearts of players and fans once again with its own strength.

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