Liang Wenbo faced the Rockets after entering the race 00, Trump made three breakthroughs and swept away

News from the official website of the China Billiards Association The first day of the 2017 National Snooker Championship was calm. In the postponement of the qualifying round, Higgins beat Slyther 6-1 and passed easily. Liang Wenbo won Duffy 6-2 and was successfully qualified for the race. After 00, Yan Bingtao narrowly beat Wang Yuchen 6-5 and advanced into the race to face O’Sullivan in the first round. In the first round of the day, Trump was in a state of bravery, blasting three over 100 and three 50+, sweeping Burns 6-0.


John Higgins is the 2015 National Championship champion. Although he is 42 years old, his style remains the same. At the Indian Open this year, he won the rankings for the 29th time, leaving behind the more popular O’Sullivan. This year’s National Championships, Higgins as one of the favorites, his qualifying game was postponed to the main game.

Higgins’ opponent is the average English player Slyther. The Scottish Wizards only encountered certain resistance in the first two games, and Slyther scored 98 points in a single shot. In the second game, Higgins had a 61-60 advantage to equalize the score. Next, the Wizards took over the game and showed 74, 114, 67, 50 and 67 points in a row. In the end, Higgins won with a total score of 6-1. He will advance to the main game and face China in the first round. The professional newcomer is strong.


As for Chinese players, Liang Wenbo scored two shots of 90+ and two shots of 50+ in the qualifying round, beating Adam Duffy 6-2. In the first round of the race, Liang Wenbo’s opponent was Lee Walker.

In a Chinese derby game, after 00, Yan Bingtao finished 100 points and 93 points in a single stroke, beating Wang Yuchen 6-5. Next, Yan Bingtao will face the popular king O’Sullivan in the first round of the race.

In the first round of the day, Chinese teenager Zhang Yong was upset and eliminated Scottish veteran McManus 6-3, breaking into the top 32 generals to win against Murphy and Mexivan.

It was also the first round. The Belgian star Brechel, who won the ranking championship for the first time in this year’s Chinese Championships, returned to China and played well again, making a break of one hundred and four of 50+, beating China 6-1. Player Li Yuan. In the second round, Brecher’s opponents will be produced in McGill and Joyce.

In 2012, the first national championship champion Trump was in a brave state, with 78, 57, 115, 50, 105 and 127 points in a single stroke. The total score was 6-0 and he swept Burns and advanced into the top 32. . If this state can continue, whether the opponents in the second round are Finnish veteran Hull or Jimmy Robertson, it may be difficult to resist.

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