The first round of the 2019 Snooker British Championship ends, O’Sullivan hits 146 without results and still enters the game

Early this morning, Beijing time, the first round of the 2019 Snooker Championship ended. On the last day of the first round, the two box office bigwigs Trump and O’Sullivan made their appearances in turn to give eggs. O’Sullivan failed to outfit X, and the “impact” 146 failed, and he still won the promotion quickly.

World No. 1 Trump played against the professional rookie Amin Amiri from Africa in the afternoon. This was the first show of the unlucky Amiri contest and met the current ruler. Coincidentally, at the upcoming Scottish Open, Amiri had to come and meet Xiao Te for the second time.

In this game, Trump gave the Moroccan a lot of face, and the latter also had enough time to perform on TV. In the 3rd and 6th innings, he was infinitely close to victory with a good accuracy, but his poor possession still could not pose the slightest threat to the five-successful little special. The 125 single shot in the second game was the only dazzling data Xiaote gave in this game. The Moroccans worked very hard, but were even more nervous, hoping for good luck at the next Scottish Open.

The Rockets faced 18-year-old Ross Bullman. In the first four games, Bulman scored 45 points. The total score was just barely able to win the next game. Therefore, the score of 6-0 was normal. What’s bigger than the Rockets’ 5 single-stroke ending battle is that in the 3rd game, Mr. Huo played 15 reds and 14 blacks without pressure, and again chose a pink ball to hit. This time, God also prevented him from pretending to be X, and finally lost the pink ball in the clearing stage, “really lost” 146. The Rockets generously gave up the highest single-stroke bonus, and Master Huo let out a sigh of relief. Of course, 20 million, this matter, as long as Teacher Huo doesn’t cooperate, others will be fine. No one knows what state of mind Master Huo would be if he thought about it carefully.

This period, the Chinese player only Chang Bingyu played, he shot 4 50+, but unfortunately the final game was lost to the bald star Mark King stopped. In addition, in the key game, Israeli player Sharaf upset Murphy, who has been in good shape this year, will be in a downturn after being strong for a while? Veteran Joe Perry killed German teenager Lichtenberg, both sides After a period of timeout, the winner was decided; David Grace, who returned to his career, staged a perfect British Championship debut, defeating Tom Ford with 4 50+.

At 21 o’clock tomorrow night Beijing time, the second round of the British Championships will start in full. O’Sullivan continued to lead, facing Chinese player Tian Pengfei. In addition, Li Xing and Xiao Guodong staged a derby, Zhao Xintong played against Thailand’s King Tachaia, and Selby, who vowed to return to number one, will face the challenge of Hayfield.

Source: Pool Gang

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