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  • Remote Service

    Xingpai member’s unique remote assistance service, through instant video, telephone, etc., to help you solve your immediate problems remotely

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  • Offline appointment

    Appoint a designated service technician for on-site repairs, enjoy exclusive service channels, and save road troubles

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  • Competition cooperation

    Xingpai has 36 years of experience in competition operations at all levels, one-stop all-inclusive service

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  • League Ball Room

    Open up your vision, join the Star League ball room circle, meet more big names, and make more friends

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About us

Xingpai billiard table was born in 1987. After 36 years of accumulation and precipitation, Xingpai has become a well-known brand in the world's billiard industry. Xingpai Company is now a billiards industry group company integrating professional billiard equipment production, innovation, research and development, sales, event operations, and star brokers. It has become a leading enterprise guiding the Chinese billiards market and the world billiards market.



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