Because of love, “I” [Star leads]

A good pool table is inseparable from a good library side. There are two characteristics of high-quality warehouse edges: uniform elasticity and crisp rebound sound.

People have also gone through a process of exploring the making of pool tables. For a long time, Muku has been the mainstream of pool tables. Until now, Muku tables still have a certain market in the pool table market. After entering the new century, a Shiku ball table appeared.

In order to pursue a better playing experience, people began to research more materials. In this case, a new type of library side appeared, that is, steel library. The steel material has better stability, is not easy to deform, and has a longer service life. Each part of the steel warehouse is more even, which reduces the unloading situation.

Because of love, "I" [Star leads]

Xingpai is one of the first billiard manufacturers in the world to start researching and developing steel warehouses. Xingpai has successively pioneered C-shaped, L-shaped and I-shaped steel warehouses. At present, the I-shaped steel library is widely used in various billiard tables of Xing brand, and has been used for reference or even imitated by many billiard manufacturers.

Not all steel warehouses have very uniform and suitable elasticity. First of all, the choice of steel material is a science. Xingpai has undergone repeated tests to detect elasticity and many other indicators, and finally selected No. 45 carbon steel produced by Angang.

The steel library needs to withstand repeated and vigorous impacts of the ball. If the strength and hardness are not enough, uneven rebound will soon appear. No. 45 carbon steel is a medium carbon steel with a tensile strength of Mpa 600, a yield strength of Mpa 355, and an elongation rate of 16%. After heat treatment, the strength and hardness of No. 45 carbon steel is better, and it can withstand the repeated impact of billiard balls.

Why choose Ansteel? There are various rankings of “China’s top ten steel mills” on the Internet, but no matter how it is ranked, the name of Ansteel is always in it, which is enough to illustrate the quality of this old steel mill.

Because of love, "I" [Star leads]

Secondly, the steel warehouse also needs a polishing process. Xingpai grinds the steel warehouse over and over on both sides until it reaches the standard.

In recent years, Xingpai has widened and thickened the I-shaped steel warehouse. The weight of the steel warehouse increases and the cost becomes higher, but the feedback is even better.

Because of love, so “I”. The explanation of this sentence is: Xingpai cares for every user and is always on the road of advancement and development, thus having the innovative invention of I-shaped steel warehouse. More uniform elasticity, crisper rebound sound, more evolved steel warehouse, and better pool table.

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