Tribute to Dr. Li Wenliang. We mourn him deeply…

Ophthalmologist Li Wenliang is gone.

He was originally an ordinary post-80s, and he treats work wholeheartedly.

He has always fulfilled his duty. From the beginning of the disclosure of information, after the outbreak of the epidemic, he spared no effort to help the wounded.

Unfortunately, after contracting the new coronary pneumonia, he said, “I will be on the front line when I recover.”

He was originally an ordinary post-80s, who loves life and all kinds of beautiful things.

including snooker.

He once called Xiao Ding after Ding Junhui was reversed.

He would struggle whether the referee said “foul” or “fall”.

He will vote for his optimistic players.

In this different Spring Festival, we mourn his leaving.


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