Xingpai World Championships has successfully completed the task, breaking the most in a single stroke

On May 3, Beijing time, the 2016 World Snooker Championship came to an end in Sheffield. So far, the dedicated table for the World Championships-Xingpai World Professional Snooker Game Table has also successfully completed the task with outstanding performance.

According to statistics, in this World Championships, the number of breaks in a single game reached an astonishing 218. Among them, the number of breaks in a single shot was 86, making it the world championship with the most breaks in a single shot.

And the runner-up star star Ding Junhui’s performance is brilliant, this World Championship has created multiple history: the first Asian player to reach the World Championship finals, breaking Hendry with a total of 18 shots in the qualifying and main games. The single-session World Championships held a record of breaking a hundred times, and the record of breaking the hundred times in a single world championship held by Selby and O’Sullivan six times in a single game. Champion Selby broke the 100 with 9 shots, and Fu Jiajun also scored with 9 shots. The highest score in a single stroke was 143 points scored by Kelly Wilson.

Since it passed the strict technical appraisal of the World Professional Snooker Federation in 2007, and obtained the official qualification for the world’s top snooker competition, the Xingpai World Professional Snooker Game Table has successfully completed one task after another, witnessing The birth of one record after another. Snooker World Championships, China Open, Shanghai Masters, International Championships, British Championships and other familiar events have left stars. Xingpai has won applause in the world and won honor for China.

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