After three years of absence, the focus is on technology research and development. Xingpai: It’s time to come back!

On May 9, 2015, the 9th Guangzhou International Billiards and Auxiliary Facilities Exhibition kicked off. Xingpai participated in the exhibition again after three years, and equipped with a 500-square-meter open large booth, becoming the largest exhibitor in terms of booth area. .

Regarding the exhibition again after a lapse of three years, the relevant person in charge of Xingpai said: “We are not trying to fight for the booth area and booth expenses during this exhibition. We will concentrate all our energy on technology research and development within three years, and improve the The materials, materials and technical aspects of all new products were applied to the Chinese Billiards World Championship held at the beginning of the year and received unanimous praise. For us, we hope that the majority of billiards people will have a more detailed understanding of us. Of course, for The more specific we know about our product technology, the more gratified we will be.

In the three years since 2011, some technical improvements of the Xingpai snooker table have also been recognized by the technical officials of the World Taiwan Federation. The stability of the table has been greatly improved, and the Xingpai has made progress invisibly. Second, they felt it was time to come to Guangzhou!

It needs to be pointed out that the construction style of Xingpai this time is also different from the previous closed booths. It adopts open booths, hoping that everyone can come to the venue to fully understand and experience the products. The open environment also allows visitors from all directions. You can directly hit Xingpai products.

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