Star player Li Hewen receives another sweetheart lover


Li Hewen, a player of the Chinese National Men’s Billiards Team, a star sign player. One of China’s best fancy golfers, the well-deserved big brother in the nine-ball world.

Since the 2007 world nine-ball doubles champion, he has signed a contract with the well-known brand “Xingpai” in the Chinese billiard industry. It has been nearly ten years as of today. In the past 10 years, Xingpai has devoted himself to the development of Li Hewen from an immature athlete to an experienced Taiwanese veteran. Now the name of “Li Hewen” can be said to be a household name in the billiards industry. Today, he has also opened his door to accept disciples, which is inseparable from Xingpai’s years of training.

Teacher Li Hewen has achieved outstanding achievements through the cultivation of Xingpai for nearly ten years. It is precisely because of Xingpai’s meticulous training of Li Hewen that Li Hewen has the status of today in China’s Taiwan arena. Since Li Hewen recruited apprentices, billiard fans have come from all over the country in an endless stream. As young as 9 years old, as large as 40 years old, but they did not succeed in apprenticeship. Finally, in October last year, a 14-year-old boy from Inner Mongolia, Wang Chenyu, became Li Hewen’s first disciple.

Wang Chenyu was born in 2000. When he was in the fourth grade of elementary school, he came into contact with billiards by chance. Since then, he has become fascinated by the sport. Video of the game. In the video, I admired the star player Li Hewen and determined to apprentice Li Hewen. Wang Chenyu is a smart kid. He has been studying with Li Hewen for nearly half a year, and he has made rapid progress. He has also trained hard and made Li Hewen very happy and proud.


Just two days ago, Jing Siya, a young Chinese billiard player, also succeeded in apprentice Li Hewen. Jing Siya is from Changchun, Jilin Province. She was born in 1996 and is less than 19 years old this year. Speaking of Jing Siya, we are quite familiar. Jing Siya is the jewel in the hands of Jing Yao, a veteran of Chinese Taiwanese. Jing Siya has almost never left her father’s side whether she is learning ball or playing games, and her skills have always been inherited by her father’s research and deep teaching. Now, after learning from others, Jing Siya told the author, “My father is very in favor, and he also hopes that I will go out and learn more about other things. After all, what he teaches me is also limited.” Jing Siya refused to be outdone and left her father. After 18 years of doting and embrace, he officially became Li Hewen’s first female disciple. This will also be a new turning point in her billiards.


Jing Siya officially apprented Li Hewen and became Li Hewen’s first female disciple as she wished. We all firmly believe that under the careful cultivation of the star player “Boss Li”, this “cute sweetheart” little princess will surely be more youthful than blue, and the handsome Xiao Chenyu will also dominate the Chinese billiards industry. Fame in one fell swoop.

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