Xingpai adds a new member: American Lucky Star cue and Xingpai team up to create a Taiwanese myth

Recently, the well-known American cue brand McDermott (Meihua) has joined forces with the Chinese billiard brand “Xingpai” to authorize Xingpai as its exclusive marketing partner in China, realizing the first two leading brands in the global billiards industry dialogue. At present, Xingpai exclusively distributes its company’s lucky and star brand clubs. The fancy clubs of these two brands are the concentrated expression of McDermott’s advanced craftsmanship and technology.

McDermott was established in 1975. Its products adopt the most advanced equipment, use the most advanced technology, and are equipped with world materials. During 36 years of development, McDermott’s club products have extended to 12 This brand, leading the development of the world billiards industry in terms of performance, quality and service, has become an American billiard cue manufacturer. This time, McDermott’s lucky and star brand fancy cue enters China, which is its global strategy. In an important move, McDermott (Meihua) stated that the reason for choosing Xingpai as a partner is that Xingpai is a billiard table brand in China and even the world. McDermott (Meihua) pays more attention to Xingpai as a leading enterprise in the Chinese billiards industry. Brilliant performance. Since its establishment, Xingpai has been leading the development of China’s billiard industry. Its tables and cues have successively passed the technical certification of the World Billiards Federation, and drafted and formulated national technical standards for the Chinese billiards industry. All of these have made Xingpai Has the core competitiveness. Although it overlaps with Xingpai in cue products, the person in charge of McDermott said: Our combination will create a myth.

This time, the two famous brands have joined hands with each other, not only to bring the most first-class service facilities to the majority of billiards fans, but also to bring a new profit growth point for the tee room operators. It is reported that Xingpai has recently launched new policies and increased The entire store exports service items to help operators build their own star clubs! Relying on its position in the industry, Xingpai has successfully integrated many of the world’s top billiard supplies resources, including McDermott (Plum Blossom), and shared them with the ball room operators. Each star ball room that accepts the output of the whole store is not only a billiards arena, but also a franchise dealer of branded billiard cues.

Xingpai, as a well-known billiard sporting goods and service provider of overall solutions, this time the joint US McDermott (Meihua) company will bring new changes and developments to the Chinese billiards industry. I believe that with the integration of Xingpai’s resources With the advancing pace, a brand-new era of billiard myth is coming.

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