32 specialty stores opened on May Day in full dress, star brand will trigger industry changes?

As a leading company in the domestic billiards industry, it can be said that this year, JieXun has not only successfully hosted the 2012 “Xingpai Cup” Snooker Haikou World Open, which has just ended the world sensation; and the first national Chinese billiards competition, which is the first in the domestic billiards competition. The ranking competition is also about to begin under the full promotion of Xingpai. In addition to hosting and sponsoring these top international and domestic competitions, 32 Xingpai specialty stores distributed in many provinces and cities across the country will be grandly opened on May 1, 2012. Xingpai will once again trigger a revolution in the billiard industry.

Many specialty stores opened on May Day

At present, these 32 star-brand stores are in full refurbishment stage. It is expected that they will be renovated uniformly around April 20. These stores are opened in Shandong, Henan, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong and other areas with relatively higher levels of economic development. In provinces and cities with high billiards sports atmosphere, the locations of these specialty stores are carefully selected by Xingpai after careful market research and research. The 32 specialty stores will adopt a unified decoration style, a unified management model, and a unified The business method is presented to consumers. Choosing to open at the same time on May 1st will not only produce scale effects, but will also increase the festive atmosphere with the help of festivals. Such a large-scale product store opened nationwide, which is in the history of China’s billiard industry. , This is the first time.

In recent years, with the popularity of billiards, the rapid development of Xingpai and the continuous improvement of product reputation, more and more billiard enthusiasts and enthusiasts choose Xingpai equipment. The huge market prospect has prompted Xingpai specialty stores to spread all over the country. The opening to meet the needs of consumers, the opening of 32 specialty stores will further improve the sales layout of Xing brand products, and the scene of “Jiangnan Jiangbei Jixing Brand” will be magnificent.

The grand opening of the Xingpai specialty store, in addition to the regular Xingpai boutique tables and cues, has introduced a number of ultimate new products, including Xingpai National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament dedicated table, dedicated cue, Xingpai private table, etc. At the same time, famous club brands such as ADAM from Japan and Lucky from the United States have also been introduced; what is more worthy of the fans’ expectation is that Xingpai has also launched many new products in personal equipment, including a variety of leather club cases, cue bags, chocolate holsters, and three-fingers. Gloves and other products are dazzling, bringing unlimited surprises to fans.

Regulating the market, benefiting consumers, triggering changes in the billiard industry

At present, the billiards and accessories market, which is mixed with fish and dragons, is difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake, which has caused great troubles for billiard clubs and billiard fans in the choice of tables and accessories. The billiard equipment market is in urgent need of regulation. Xingpai’s large-scale construction of specialty stores is a major strategic decision made based on the current market conditions. The unified opening of this batch of 32 specialty stores will standardize the market order and benefit more billiard consumers so that they can use it. Good quality and cheap authentic product.

The opening of a large number of Xingpai specialty stores at the same time is not only Xingpai’s feat, but will also trigger the transformation of the entire domestic billiard industry, from the traditional consignment model to the direct sales model, unified management and operation, eliminating the need for intermediate links, and enabling consumers Get benefits. Industry insiders also pointed out that Xingpai’s move will lead the transformation of the entire industry’s sales methods, and Xingpai will once again stand at the forefront of the industry.

Although these specialty stores have not officially opened yet, they have already triggered an ordering boom in the cities where the specialty stores are located. Some billiard enthusiasts and enthusiasts can’t wait to start consulting the store staff and order their favorite equipment. The reason why they can rest assured in the specialty stores. When they ordered, they said that they had taken a fancy to the “genuine products” of the specialty store. Xingpai stores have not yet opened. It is not difficult for us to foresee the hot scenes after the grand opening of the May 1st nationwide stores.

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